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legal steroids
By JOE MAILLET 2,201 views

Steroids USA: Legal Steroids that Work

Bodybuilders, athletes, weightlifters- steroids, the powerful body-enhancing drugs still remain many favourites despite the health risks.  Amazingly, it’s not all gym fanatics and weight builders or the “macho” raves that are loving it. Various findings have shown that some are using it to support occupational performance. This includes police officers, security personnel, prison guards and many others who are taking steroids to boost physical performance on the job. 

If you are in for steroids, you should definitely opt for the legal ones. For one, they have legitimate medical use and countless documented benefits. Besides, they meet FDA standards and are available in the United States. What are these steroids USA? Do they work?  This article explains the common types of legal steroids and how they work. Keep reading!

What are legal steroids?

A legal steroid is a term for workout supplements that helps build muscle mass and boost performance. They do not fall under the category of “illegal” and are not the same as anabolic steroids. 

Although anabolic steroids are also used legitimately to treat medical conditions, they are sometimes used illegally. Anabolic steroids are the manmade version of testosterone which health practitioners usually prescribe to patients who do not have enough testosterone or muscle-wasting conditions.

What are the common types of legal steroids?

While some supplements are not entirely safe and can raise an alarm, some are safe to use. These supplements claim they are legal, natural steroids alternative. The good thing is they are legal, have little to no side effects, and boasts of properties for building muscles or increasing performance. Here is an overview of these supplements:


Creatine is a substance that is found in the body, mostly in the muscle cells and also in the brain. It is also found in food such as red meat, and fish, and is available as supplements. Creatine intake has become popular among weightlifters and bodybuilders for good reasons. It is one of the greatest ergogenic supplements for muscle growth, strength booster, and improved performance. Supplements, such as Blackwolf pre-workout, which contains creatine as a main ingredient, help the body to produce energy, and various research has proven their benefits in doubling growth in muscle fiber and overall muscle mass.


Dominating the energy drinks, coffee, and other medications, caffeine has been acting as steroids before steroids itself become the dominant performance. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system and the brain to reduce tiredness and drowsiness. It can also perform wonders to the muscle by increasing the strength. It is another great ergogenic workout supplement. 

Dimethylamylamine (DMAA)

Dimethylamylamine has been seen in many commercials as dietary supplements, muscle building, and all but it is unsafe. Although it can be considered as steroids USA, the FDA has warned consumers not to buy any dietary supplements that contain DMAA due to its health risk. However, it has been in use as a workout supplement and helps to improve athletic performance and bodybuilding. 

This drug was initially used as a nasal decongestant. However, it has recently gained popularity as an athletic performance enhancer, weight loss, and recreational stimulant drug. 

Mixed supplements

There are also legal steroids that combine various formulas with natural ingredients which can help raise testosterone levels with no side effects. These multiple legal steroids sometimes combine creatine, caffeine, betaine, and many more to help boost performance and endurance. A good example is Matrix metalloproteinase(MMP). MMP functions in bone development wound healing but don’t really help with muscle building. It contains a combination of creatine, dendrobium extract, and betaine. 

Not only do sports lovers or gym junkies benefits from legal steroids. It can also be prescribed to those having testosterone deficiencies, muscle wasting due to diseases like cancer, delayed puberty, and menopausal women.

Joe Maillet

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