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By NANCY AHUJA 1,260 views

Land – The Basis for Life on Earth

Earth’s surface is made up of seventieth part water and thirtieth part land. The land is a solid surface that is not covered by water. The land is the natural basis for flourishing for different organisms and their survival. All different types of organisms are born to flourish and meet their end on the land itself. The land is a prime resource provided by nature. The land is formed by different types of soils, metamorphic rocks, and graphite. Land provides all the necessities for all living beings such as food, shelter, and clothing. The land is rich in humidity which helps in growing green plants. Green plants produce food with the help of sunlight for themselves and other organisms as well.

Many terrestrial life forms have been developed from the predecessor in water bodies. The land has always been the best factor for production and profit in the world. The soil has always been a rich source of minerals and ores. It is covered by forests, mountains, plains, coastal regions, lakes, ice, etc. Land near the river banks is very fertile and fruitful. The use of land plays an important role in climate and weather. Densely populated areas are warmer than thinly populated areas.

Use of Land

The land is mostly used for agriculture, settlement, commercial purposes, etc. Understanding the use of a specific piece of land is important before purchasing a piece of land. Knowing the type of land to be required by the individual provides a lot of help to the buyer and seller for a better deal and settlement. Thus, it always takes a lot of research, understanding, and experience to buy the land and settle that specific piece.

Buying the perfect piece of land to build the dream house is an exciting venture. It becomes critical to invest the capital in the commercial land. There is always thought of buying cheap and affordable land in the back of the mind. There is a question that still troubles us; that is Where to buy cheap land

Land in Auction

There are so many clearinghouses that help to sell unimproved land. There is an online land auction that takes place for the purchase of vacant land or land or sale by the owner. Most of the buyers in these are ordinary people who want to make investments in buying land for their future dream home. There are many other online auctions that take places such as jewelry, paintings, and more. The one with the higher bid wins the particular item and becomes the owner. It is full of potential and excitement that find the perfect bidder for the land as the backdrop of their dreams.

Choosing a perfect land is the first step towards gaining success and excellence. It is a very critical step towards the economy of the society. Real estate is a complex process and one needs lots and lots of patience to understand the nature of the land and property. Different people have different desires for their houses, for example, some people want to own a beach house or a mountain house. Land keeps us connected to nature and helps to keep the tradition of giving and take going.

Land Use and Management

Land use and land management are the two most important practices which have a major impact on nature and its resources such as water, soil, animals, and birds. The increasing use of land for residential housing led to a tremendous decline in land values and put up a lot of pressure on the land and environment. Organic materials such as dead remains of plants and animals add a lot of manure to the soil. We must focus more on sustainable development such that today’s development will not exploit nature and its component and will not compromise with the needs of the future generation.

Human beings have tilled the soil and irrigated it. This is the basis of the civilization of the human race that has led to the development of land. The development of skyscrapers, airports, hotels, bridges, and other infrastructure on the land adds much more to its beauty and integrity. The land is surrounded by water from all its sides. It is a non-renewable source of energy. It is the centre of all primary production systems. More urban construction leads to redevelopment.

The land has been converted or modified by human beings according to their use in a variety of ways. Due to the development of urban cities, the migration of people from rural to urban areas is taking place at a rapid rate. Use of Land is the characterization of land what is built on it and how the land can be used for. It helps to determine the type of community, environment, settlement, or commercialism that can be used on a particular type of land. Land use is the way to adapt by the people to meet their needs. It will help to use the land in a more efficient and practical way. The land is an important non-renewable source of the environment which must be taken care of.

Nancy Ahuja

Nancy Ahuja is a fitness and nutrition expert who believes in a healthy lifestyle. She likes to write about fitness and nutrition. She is also an expert adviser to the Medical billing Company who provides accurate patient billing, daily fitness tips, detailed fitness guides and reviews of fitness equipment.