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By JOE MAILLET 876 views

Why Living in Florida is one of the Best Decisions that you can Make?

Are you looking forward to moving to Florida? Many people think of Florida as the bad boy among the American states. This reputation has led many people to believe this misconception. Fortunately enough, this article will discuss some of the reasons why Florida is one of the best places for a permanent move.

Despite all its madness and quirks, there are a lot of reasons why the Sunshine state is one of the most comfortable and accommodating places to live in. From our incredible people to the delicious cuisine, to the beautiful landscapes, there are lots of aspects regarding Florida which simply embody a mark on how cool Florida is.

Why moving to Florida is a great option?

The weather in Florida is warm and sunny

They don’t call it the Sunshine State for no reason. The weather in Florida is amazing and warm. Unlike the icy state of Montana, the weather of Florida is quite warm throughout the year. During the summers you can expect heat and humidity but the winters are mild and warm during the day.

People living in Southern and central parts of Florida say that they do not need anything more than a sweater to go through the winters. No wonder homes for sale in Winter Haven FL are getting booked so quickly.

All we can say that an individual will find many warm and sunny days each year. If you love being outdoors to explore different things, this is the city of your dreams!

During the summers, the temperature usually lies 70o F to 95o F and the winters are known to have a recorded temperature of minimum 5o F. this temperature range is actually quite modest in comparison with most of the States that record temperature in minus during the winters.

It is a diverse holiday location

Many people love taking holidays during the vacation season. Whether you want to get away from work or take your family out during summer vacations, there are so many places one can go to. But with a city like Florida, you can consider yourself living in what seems to be the ideal vacation place for many people.

From the warm Miami Beach to the crowded yet full of life Disney World in Orlando, there are a lot of places that you can explore in your free time. If you love the charms of Disney, consider looking at homes for sale in Lakeland FL. The city is only 40 minutes away from the charms of Cinderella and the kindness of Winnie the Pooh.

Florida is culturally diverse

Do you still think that New York is the king of states when it comes to cultural diversity? Forget it! There is nothing quite like Florida if we are to talk about cultural diversity. People from every other state, age, ethnic background, and religion are a part of the Sunshine State.

The basic culture of Florida is linked to Southern America but it also has a Latin American vibe to it. Over the years many other immigrants have moved in here for work-related and tax benefits. Some of the most common cultures in Florida are:

  • Latino
  • Greek
  • Cuban
  • Native American
  • European

Locals don’t pay income tax

Are you looking forward to saving more money every month? Moving to Florida will help you get those extra bucks saved up in your bank. Many states in America have made it compulsory for their residents to pay state income tax. The residents of Florida do not have to pay state income tax. This allows them to save some money in their bank.

The three main types of taxes that Floridians have to pay are:

  • Sales tax
  • Intangible tax
  • Income tax

The details on payable tax are:

  • The sales tax rate is 6%
  • State income tax is 0%
  • Corporate income tax has to be paid by businesses unless they are exempt from paying it
  • Property tax is paid at the start of each year
  • Tax can be paid online

Housing in Florida is affordable in most areas

Living in large cities in Florida can be luxurious and expensive. However, if you are looking to live in an affordable area, there are a lot of affordable cities. For example, by looking at homes for sale in Winter Haven FL, you can find quite reasonable apartment rentals and even houses.

According to a recent study conducted by the expert state realtors, the overall cost of living in Florida is considered a point lower than the average accommodation costs in America. With good employment opportunities, high-end health care facilities, and goods, one can definitely build a high standard of life here.

Florida rains do not cause discomfort

Even though Florida experiences warm and mild weather, its residents do experience their fair share of rain. The rains are rendered as unpredictable. Due to its coastal location near water bodies, the weather of the state is unknown. One moment you are sitting in the sun enjoying the best tan of your life and the next moment there is rain. Fortunately, the rain does not last that long. The weird part is that the state usually experiences showers and rain during the summer months.

It is a great place for sports lovers

Do you love sports? Florida is the state of fan boys and state-enthusiasts. The state offers some of the best college and professional sports in the whole country. The most popular sport in the entire state is football. From college jocks to the professional state-level players, these people love them a nice game that they can cheer on.

Most of the states in America have at least one professional team. Different kinds of sports are played in the city. The most common sports played by people of Florida are:

  • Football (3 teams)
  • Baseball (2 teams)
  • Basketball (2 teams)
  • Hockey (2 teams)

Some of the most popular teams that people root for in any national event are:

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Miami Dolphins
  • Orlando Magic
  • Miami Marlins
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Miami Heat

The teams that are mentioned above are just some of the notable professional sports teams of the state. Many college-level students have their own teams that compete with other campuses. Florida State also allots sports scholarship funds to the students who excel in the sport from a junior level. Overall, if you are a sports lover and a college student, there is a huge possibility that you can become a part of the national team. If you just like attending the major sporting events, there are a lot of those that are conducted on a regular basis.


If you are looking forward to moving, Florida can be a great place to move. Even though many people think of it as a crazy place, there is a lot of amazing work and accommodation options for people across the world.

While the major areas like Miami are a bit expensive, you can actually find affordable apartments and houses in other cities. Look for homes for sale in Lakeland FL if you want an ideal living place with affordable places.

Fortunately, people in Florida do not have to pay taxes and even individuals with low income can also save some money. It is also a great state for sports lovers.

Joe Maillet

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