As we move into 2021, we have learned more than we would in any other year. One of these things is to avoid murder hornets, while the other is to keep away from bad Local SEO mistakes.

Here are the top ten doozies we have heard throughout the year. Don’t forget you can call TheAdfirm.com for local SEO services if you don’t want to repeat any of these mistakes.

The Top 10 Local SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

Without further ado, let’s spot the ways advertisers are going wrong in 2021…

1 – Ignoring Mobile Web Use

Mobile use accounts for an estimated 65% of all online traffic. Those mobiles come with a whopping degree of E-commerce purchases. If you aren’t catching them, that’s more than half of your online traffic.

2 – Ignoring the Contact Page

The contact page allows you plenty of chances to include local SEO boosts. The very act of filling in your address makes you more visible in the online world, especially to those in your area. When it comes to contact page information, it’s a case of if not, why not?

3 – Ignoring Local Source Opportunities

If you are not reaching out through social media sites to other local groups – what are you even doing online? don’t bypass chances for backlinks from local sources, since there is a high chance your client base are on those same social media pages.

4 – Ignoring Google My Business

If you don’t enlist your business with Google, you won’t appear on Google Maps. The majority of the population rely on this map program to get around town – and could be seeing your business and logo every time they do. Head over and set it up before 2021 starts.

5 – Ignoring the Blog

Blogging gives you the opportunity to hit keywords consistently, week after week and month after month. They have the added bonus of keeping your website up-to-date, too.

6 – Ignoring Analytics

If you don’t pay attention to the analytical information that you are retrieving – or if you aren’t keeping track of it at all – then you can’t learn from your mistakes. Something to think about while you have time on your tea break.

7 – Ignoring Keyword Evolution

Keywords are like technology… they constantly improve, evolve, and grow. They can become longer, become shorter, or be replaced altogether. Just because you sorted it all out back in 2018 when you set up your site, doesn’t mean that they are still relevant in 2021.

8 – Ignoring Internal Links

Backlinking is all well and good, but the modern customer is looking for ease of use over the old advertising rule of seven. Nowadays, you need to place the link right on the line, where they are reading, under their very eyes. This way, the links cannot be missed – and Google says your site is more valuable.

9 – Ignoring the Title

The titles of your pages, news articles, and blogs, shouldn’t be misleading. If someone comes to your website to find the answer to a question, only to find that you don’t answer what you say you will, they will remember your logo for all the wrong reasons.

10 – Ignoring Branding

The best Local SEO techniques incorporate your branding into every page. Everything from the logo used to the color scheme chosen, should all relate back to your firm. If it isn’t happening, the local crowd won’t recognize you. Opt for professionals every time or seek help from those who know best.

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Joe Maillet
Joe Maillet
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