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Many people live in rented apartments until they find their forever homes. Some are on the move constantly, so they can’t settle down that easy. There are also those renters that aren’t financially stable yet to buy their own property. Despite all this, a place you live in is considered your home. Rented or not, this apartment or a house is a place where you spend your personal time and shelter away from the world. So, let’s what renters can do to make their rental feel just like home.

Start fresh

Color choices throughout the place can make or break our mood. So, we should pick only those colors that soothe our mind and incorporate them into our decor. A new coat of paint works as the new beginning and can turn even the most boring room into an inspiring area. You can paint the entire place or just an accent wall. Either way, pick those colors that go well with your existing color palette.

Bring in plants

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Plants can make a huge difference because they make any place look warm and just like home. They can be easily transported anywhere, in case you decide to find a new place sometime in the future. They are also a good investment because they will purify the air on top of making any room look beautiful. You can also enrich your space by getting blooming flowers so it will always feel like springtime in your home.

Use aromatherapy in your rented home

Scents have a positive effect on our minds because they can revive old memories and trigger an emotional response. That’s why you should use scented candles or aromatherapy in your rented apartment to surround yourself with scents you love. Smelling your favorite scent when you get back home from work will make you happy and at ease.

Elevate comfort 

The levels of comfort are increased by having a good layout and picking the comfiest of furniture. The last thing you want is to live in a rented apartment that is uncomfortable. A place that feels comfy enough to spend your every day it should be your ultimate goal. So, research decor ideas on Pinterest to learn how you can use your space. Strive to make it neat and clutter-free at all times because at some point you’ll have to move so it’ll be easier if you own only the things you truly need.

Improve the vibe with statement pieces

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A statement piece can be the final touch to an unfinished room. Also, it’s something that can change the entire vibe of the room and you can easily replace it with its original piece if you decide to leave the place. You can improve the vibe of your rental by hanging a statement chandelier in the living room. If you find a peace you love better than the one that came with the apartment, you can easily replace it. It will light up the room and beautify the area better. Just remember to place the original lighting fixture somewhere safe. 

Upgrade anything that reminds you it’s your temporary home

Window treatments that come with your rented apartment will definitely remind you it’s not your forever home. You should definitely upgrade them to emphasize your personal style and make it feel like your own place. Of course, you shouldn’t make any extreme changes your landlord would object to. For example, if you already have blinds as window treatments you can replace them with custom made roller blinds. This way you’ll choose the fabric and color your like that fits your decor style and your lifestyle as well. If you love to sleep late on the weekends, you’ll want to have something that blocks out sun rays so that you can enjoy your time off.

Make it your own with details

When it comes to details, you have to make smart choices. It would be easy to just put up a few painting s and framed pictures on the walls and change the decor. But, if you want to do this, you’ll probably have to drill new holes into the walls and landlords probably won’t agree to this. So, if you have a few paintings you love, place them on the existing hooks on the wall. Also, focus on details that can beautify the space without having to drill the walls. Sculptures, figurines, standing frames can enhance the space and make it your own.

Bear in mind before you start making major changes to your apartment to read your lease and see what you-re allowed to do and what’s permitted. This will save you a lot of stress and arguments down the line. Make sure to read the fine print and even discuss some of your ideas directly to the landlord. 

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