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5 Most Luxurious Cabin Rentals on the Planet

More and more people decide to go to a secluded vacation spot, to truly relax and recharge their batteries. Nature has a nurturing effect on the body and soul, creating a spike in interest for the cabins in the middle of nowhere. Varying in architecture and interior design, with room for only two or a dozen people, here are the most luxurious cabin rentals on the planet that will take your breath away.

Escape to the Rocky Mountains

Lake Tahoe is one of the most desired destinations in the USA because of its beauty and closeness to the Rocky Mountains. So, it’s no wonder it has to offer a lot of luxurious cabin rentals, such as the Mountain Masterpiece. This is a custom-built lodging with direct access to the lake, biking trails, skiing slopes, hiking routes, and Paige Meadows.

This wooden vacation home has seven bedrooms so you can come here with a large party of people. Some of the amenities of the Mountain Masterpiece include a hot tub, a large balcony overlooking Lake Tahoe, a golf course, and a spa area.

Zen luxury on the Japanese island

Japan usually doesn’t come to mind when people talk about cabins, but being one of the most attractive ski destinations has its perks. Hakuchozan is a luxurious cabin on the Hokkaido island that combines modern architecture with traditional Japanese customs. A private chef is available to cook anything you like from the menu, including some seafood dishes with local fresh ingredients.

Those who decide to stay in can play video games and foosball table or watch movies on the large flat TV in the living area. However, nothing is more relaxing than having canapés and wine on the balcony overlooking the looming Mount Yotei.

The extravagance of the French chalet

Chalet Valentine is considered a luxurious ski destination. But it’s much more than that even though the ski slope is a few minutes away. Its luxuriously designed rooms are enough to house 14 people in seven rooms. Couples are known to rent the cabin all for themselves, too. A spa offer includes a massage room, sauna, and a hot tub. Private cinema and games room are there for entertainment.

The balcony is large enough to have meals outdoors and an area around a fire pit is ideal for a nightcap or roasting s’mores. Moreover, with an option to rent this chalet with catering, you won’t have to do a thing and completely dedicate yourself to de-stressing.

Nature experience in Australian hinterland

Situated in Byron Hinterlands, Rose Gum Eco-Luxe Cottage is secluded and private accommodation in the middle of the Australian wilderness. With two bathrooms, it’s perfect for families, friends, or newlyweds looking for a serene honeymoon destination. A standalone bathtub overlooking the lush rainforest is a wonderful way to have a spa afternoon far away from digital interruptions.

Although it sports rustic design, maintenance of the property, like roof repairs, landscaping, and housekeeping, are done regularly. The cabin uses solar energy and more oriented to green living with a wood-fired stove and filtered creek water.

Clear skies in the British Columbian lodge

Whistler Mountain is one of the most popular destinations in South America. Open the whole year for guests who want to enjoy Canadian Rockies. Located on the mountain, Akasha is a large cabin with modern amenities. You can relax in a hot tub, steam room, or in a swimming pool. This is a great way to spend time with friends or extended family. It can fit up to 14 people and has a private cinema.

In the winter, this is a ski getaway, but during summer it’s a welcoming escape from the warm, city asphalt. With a slate roof and fir beams, Akasha was built to last and charm with its classic Canadian architecture.


Luxury is more than financial status. It’s about indulging yourself in stress-free activities and self-care. These most luxurious cabin rentals vary in price and offer. They have one thing in common: once you get there, you can forget about your troubles and relax.

Sarah Jessica Smith

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