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By JOE MAILLET 1,207 views

Ways to Make Your E-bike Go Longer

When it comes to commuting fast, without having to depend on any public transport, you will know that electric bikes have come up in a big way. If you are already using them, you will realize they are very convenient and efficient and have many benefits associated with them as well. With their popularity increasing regularly, more and more people are now using electric bicycles. As a result, with more research and development going into its manufacturing, more innovations are coming up, making them even better.

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The Range Of Electric Bikes Is Always A Concern

When it comes to e-bikes, one primary concern is how to bring about an increase in the range of electric bikes. Thus, most manufacturers are constantly innovating and improving on this ground.

To have the best on this front, you must choose the best electric bike with a high-capacity battery. Under this category, the E-43 City Pro Electric Commuter Bike from Addmotor is a perfect e-bike with 125 + (PAS 1) miles per charge and thus can ensure a high range. It is also seen that if some electric bike owners are not too happy with the range, they consider upgradation of parts to achieve this. Though this is possible, at the same time, it will involve an additional cost. If one does not want to spend additionally, some simple tips can help the cause. Some of them are as follows:

Pedal Strongly If You Want To Accelerate.

Yes, the electric bike indeed has an electric motor that can be used to power ahead. But you will notice that the electric bicycle also has pedals. If you want to accelerate ahead with the e-bike, you must note that it consumes a lot of batteries. With rapid battery consumption, it is only imminent that the battery will get drained off quickly, and the distance over which you are to travel will get shorter.

Therefore, if you want to travel over long distances with the battery, it is best you also use the pedals when you want to accelerate. In this process, you will save the charge in the battery; thus, you can travel long distances with the same amount of charge.

Best To Go Light On The Full Throttle

The fun of using the electric bicycle is that it works for you. You have to do minimum pedaling or, for that matter, no pedaling. At the same time, this is always very enjoyable for e-bike riders. But at the same time, while riding the same, you need to beware that riding it at full throttle consumes a lot of the charge on the battery. So instead of using full throttle for the bike, it is best that you gradually raise the throttle over some time. Once you do this, you can save the electric charge on it and thus travel long distances once the battery has been charged.

At Times You Need To Slow Down And Enjoy The Ride.

As you might have realized by now, speeding the electric bicycle is directly linked to the amount of power consumption. Thus, instead of riding very fast all the time, it makes perfect sense to slow down at times and maybe enjoy the ride. When you are going downhill, you can even try coasting. When you do this, there is little consumption of the charge of the battery.

Therefore, you can travel longer with the same amount of charge. It is common sense to minimize battery consumption and travel over long distances.

Using A Lower Battery Setting On Your Pedal Assist

When setting up the battery for the pedal assist of your electric bicycle, it is best to choose a lower setting. In other words, when you pedal on your e-bike, only a small amount of the battery’s power gets consumed. Thus, you can travel over long distances with the power that remains stored in the battery of the electric bicycle.


To conclude, we can say you can use the tips mentioned to ensure that your electric bicycle runs longer. But these can help you only to a certain extent. If you genuinely want to enjoy the benefits of e-bikes, you must opt for the best electric bike for sale. These can include the likes of the E53 City Pro Electric Bike from Addmotor, which is highly sought-after.

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