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Best Ways to make make money on Amazon
By POOJASHAH 985 views

Best Ways to Make Money on Amazon

Amazon is considered as one of the largest e-commerce retailers who started of just as a small website with the medium of selling books that are already used. Apart from being an online shopping place for books, clothes, electronic devices, now it also hosts TV shows and movies in its Amazon Studios.

Make Money On Amazon

make money on amazon

Amazon is now also able to proffer various products and services along with the option of offering the provision of several jobs and opportunities to earn money online.

With the net value of 602 billion dollars, the company is providing assurance to earn money online in different ways. Let us look at 10 kinds of those ways;

1. Creation Of a Private Label Brand for your Product –

For the purpose of surpassing the intense competition, many sellers have opted out for private labelling of their products or items. Here, as a seller, you have to order a certain product or item from the manufacturer and have to put your logo and branding upon that to make it ready for your sale.

By this private labelling, you obtain complete control over your listing and can accordingly change it when necessary. You can as well make modifications and updates on the product.

2. Retail Arbitrage which means buying offline and Selling that on Amazon –

This method involves conducting various visits to retail stores and buying items at a low price. Afterward, selling those same items in Amazon in a profitable way.

In this retail arbitrage system, the people who make money from Amazon, usually avoid the importing cost of products and shipping costs for exporting. That is why they directly visit retail stores and load products on their own.

These people spend significant time over the clearance items and prospective deals on the retail stores.

However, the process is inclusive of a lot of research and time indulgence for driving to various retail locations. But, if you can pick certain items at a cheap price then the process can return you a handsome income.

3. You can become an affiliate or associate to Amazon –

Becoming an Amazon affiliate is a great way to start your income. In certain cases, if you have a blog, website, or even if you are a community participant or holder, then suggesting various good products can make you have a referral fee.

You can gather an average between 4% to 10% of your item price when anyone comes and clicks on your affiliate link. The whole process basically depends on the traffic on your site. The more the clicks and traffic, the more becomes the purchase and you can gather good income.

4.  Amazon Mechanical Turk –

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a space for outsourced tasks. Here you can complete various easy and simple tasks and can earn money. Those types of tasks specifically include completion of certain content creation, content moderation, content validation, data entry, transcription, categorization of data, image recognition, etc.

The platform provides you with complete flexibility as mostly the time-consuming projects are transformed into runtime easy jobs.

5. Amazon Handmade –

Like other popularly known e-commerce retail stores such as Etsy and eBay, Amazon Handmade helps you in selling your own made designs, clothing, travel accessories, and various types of jewellery.

For becoming a salesperson on amazon handmade there is an application process that necessitates the submission of your work category and production manual. Through Amazon, the salesperson can connect to an expanded customer base. For your specified profile, you can also receive the provision of a custom URL.

You will be only necessitated to pay the 15% referral fee upon your entire sales cost. However, just your products are needed to fall in a provided category and it needs to be made entirely by hand.

6. Amazon Merch –

Amazon Merch is specially planned for the design-makers who can create t-shirt designs and sell them to other merchants as well as can sell the whole t-shirt with design as an amazon product. The processes include respectively; creation of an account through Merch on the Amazon webpage, then uploading the design with a price, and lastly selecting the color and providing a description.

However, the packaging, printing, and shipping are done by Amazon and they will pay you a royalty amount for the designs and the price will be accumulated with the tax and cost.

7. Conducting work by the means of a delivery warehouse associate –

Depending on your location, you can easily become amazon’s delivery warehouse associate and can pick up or drop products or items on delivery stations, fulfilment positions, live locations, pickup points, sorting centers, etc.

8. Publishing an electronic book on Amazon –

You can easily publish your digital books on the Amazon medium. You are capable of obtaining 70% of royalty in your entire sales. As well as you can print the book even.

There is an option available named as kindle direct publishing where you are needed to publish occupying and concerning books in a large volume to make money there and stay in order. However, the books require endorsement here.

From a different perspective, if you are capable of good writing then you can write e-books, publish them, and can earn successive money from it.

9. Amazon Services –

As an individual entity or as an organization you are enabled to sell your services in Amazon. Amazon services generally help you in providing professional services for your various needs, be it cleaning, plumbing, tailoring, organizing, mapping, etc.

However, service provisions do not require subscription or advertising fees but they are required to pay a profit percentage to Amazon. This is also based on the ultimate cost of the service.

If you can provide a business background to your origin, then Amazon service is a beautiful way to generate money.

10. Amazon Vine –

Usually, if you are a user of Amazon and read or provide reviews then you cannot earn cash but you can receive gift-packs or free products. You can also receive merchandise.

If you are a good writer, then you can also earn many likes in the amazon community and can achieve a favorable vine voice of your own.


Pooja Shah is a Content Writer at Financesage. It is a blog where I cover financial tips related website which is working towards investors to take better financial decisions.

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