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Mamaearth VS WOW: Which One Should You choose?

Wow, and Mamaearth is undoubtedly one of the giants in the world of beauty and skin care. They are brands that offer almost the same products and are at each other’s throats in the market.

They both use natural products and raw materials that are free from toxins to make skin care products. Mamaearth and Wow are both environmentally conscious and responsible brands.

Both brands have business websites where they offer customer service. Influencers play a big role in promoting their brands. Many consumers are confused about which of the two brands to choose.

Therefore, it is common for people to search for Mamaearth vs Wow on the Internet. This is to get users who have used both brands to compare the two brands.

Little wonder questions like “Is the Wow product good? Which is better: wow or mamaearth? Are Mamaearth products good or bad?

So we decided to compare the two brands to help consumers make the right choice.

Which is Better or Mamaearth?

The Mamaearth vs. Wow discourse remains a matter of personal inclination. Mamaearth appeals to organic enthusiasts, emphasizing natural goodness, while Wow caters to those valuing scientific precision in skincare.

Are Mamaearth Products Good or Bad?

Are Mamaearth Products Good or Bad

Mamaearth has a marketing strategy to make the brand known to its target audience. The marketing objective is to communicate to the target audience that they rely exclusively on natural raw materials for manufacturing.

This is true because their natural products are non-toxic. The brand uses influencers and social media to spread this message. They try to make the brand credible among consumers and get them to trust the brand.

This means that the brand’s products work perfectly when consumers trust them.

Is Wow Product Good?

Is Wow Product Good?

Yes, the products are good and effective. The main objective of the Wow brand is to produce products that follow sustainability rules. They want people to use their products to get healthy skin and hair.

Wow, the brand produces beauty and wellness products for its consumers. They created their products’ formulas from ancient cosmetic recipes. More than anything, wow is popular for using ecologically friendly materials to produce goods and package them.

Wow has some products called wow science products. This brand of products is carefully manufactured with organic materials. These organic materials are mixtures of herbs and Ayurvedic products.

The results are non-toxic skincare and hair products. The company uses plant extracts to reduce the use of artificial materials in cosmetics. Consumers who used these products have testified that they were not allergic to the products.

Wow takes great care to list all the natural ingredients used. These ingredients can be found on the packaging of the products or on the website. The brand also creatively combines two or more products.

The brand has a blogging page where they give skin and hair care tips to consumers. They give hair and skin care tips by recommending natural products to the site visitors. Consumers who have purchased their products but don’t know how to use them can get instructions on the site.

Some of Wow Science’s products are made by blending natural fruits that are rich in Vitamin C. Wow has stated that they don’t use sulfates, silicones, and other restricted skin care ingredients.

Mamaearth VS Wow

  • Environmental Friendliness:-  Mamaearth was established 5 years ago. Mamaearth uses go-green concepts while WOW commodities are more scientifically inclined. That is, mamaearth prefers the Ayurvedic way while Wow uses scientific research to make their products. Looking at their growth, both insist that almost 90% of their products are purely organic. This is debatable as there aren’t any products that are organic without synthetic materials.
  • Use of Naturally-made Packages And Raw Materials:- Mamaearth consumers were satisfied when the brand made customer-specific products. However, WOW-science consumers are satisfied with the scientific approach used by the brand.
    Mamaearth uses green to highlight the features of the toxin-free ingredients used. Meanwhile, Wow-science used natural ingredients in body care to combat ageing skins.
  • Mamaearth makes products that do not have sulfate or artificial materials:- Artificial raw materials are used to make soaps for car wash and detergent for use in the house. These soaps are not meant to be used on the body. They can destroy the skin. Yet, some shady skincare companies used the raw materials for these soaps in producing skincare products. Sulfur is a toxic ingredient that can remove the skin’s natural oils. Most people are intolerant to products that have sulfur. Some have blemishes and inflammation on their skin when they use sulfate products. Most complain of rashes and allergic reactions to such products. Mamaearth products are approved by the Foods and Drugs Administration control agents. Mamaearth brand said they are doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint. They use eco-friendly packages to pack their products.

Wow takes time to conduct scientific research on how to make their products. Due to these, their products undergo strict testing after creation. Their scientists have to approve the products before they can introduce them to the market.

  • Use of Green Resources:- The two brands have shown consumers the green ingredients they use. They insist on the use of non-toxic raw materials. Consumers can verify this by:-
    The usefulness level or the outcome of using the products.
    Comparing costs, their usage of promotional materials, and price reduction.
  • Mamaearth Vs Wow Price:- Comparing the costs of both commodities, the prices of both products are somewhat the same. What sets them apart is that Mamaearth gives more discounts with effective advertisements. Mama-earth also does more combination sets at reduced prices compared to Wow-science.

Which is Better, Wow or MamaEarth For Hair Growth?

Both products can be used to treat damaged hair.

  • Mamaearth Products for Hair Growth:- When it comes to hair products, mamaearth uses raw ingredients like onion, orange, herbs, and plants in their products. The brand believes that using toxic materials can damage the hair sometimes to the extreme. Damaged hair takes a lot of time, money, and effort to restore to its healthy state.
  • Wow Products for Hair Growth:- Wow, products for hair growth have been effective for users. The products are made from natural ingredients for all hair types to boost hair growth.

Mamaearth’s Debut Share Offering Sparks Overwhelming Investor Interest

Mamaearth, an Indian skincare company, wanted to sell some of its shares to the public for the first time, and a lot of people were interested! The response from investors was so high that they wanted to buy 7.6 times more shares than the company was selling. Mamaearth hoped to get ₹1,701 crore (that’s a lot of money!) from this sale. The big investors wanted the most shares, and they wanted 11.5 times more than what was available. Regular people, called retail investors, weren’t as excited and only wanted 1.35 times more shares than there were.


In short, if we compare Mamaearth with Wow, both brands have their strengths and weaknesses. Mamaearth puts more emphasis on tailoring personal care products for their customers. Wow-science relies on science to provide skin and hair care products.

Whether the Wow product is good or the Mamaearth products are good or bad depends on the user. To find out which one is better, you should compare one of the two products.

However, they have one thing in common: they offer their customers naturally improved beauty products.

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  1. I personally found Mama Earth products better then WOW, moreover the marketing strategy of Mama Earth is way aggressive and covers a great segment of its targeted Audience.