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back pain
By THOMAS GEHRMANN 1,864 views

How to Manage and Prevent Back Pain

Today the majority of the people are dealing with back pain. Most people deal with back problems due to overweight or sitting for long working hours, a reason could be anything. The question is how to deal manage and prevent back pain, especially if it is there for a long time.

Let’s explore a few tips to manage back pain with the Chiropractor Dr. Thomas Gehrmann from Colorado Springs

Maintain an accurate weight

accurate weight

The topmost tip to avoid back pain is staying fit and maintaining accurate weight. Most people do not understand that extra pounds put pressure on your back and can cause pain. You can do this by consuming a healthy diet which includes fruits and vegetables. Also consuming processed foods seldom can keep your weight in an accurate range and your back fit and healthy, recommended by Chiropractor Dr. Thomas Gehrmann.


Keep your back muscles strong

back muscles

Sometimes the back problem arises when people stress their back by doing heavy lifting or alike. Back Problems actually arises when there’s deterioration of the spine because there is too much pressure on the spine. However, if you build up enough muscle, it will strengthen your back with exercise. In the end, your spine will get the support of your muscle which is necessary to keep it healthy. Maybe this is the reason why physical therapy is considered as standard back pain treatment, but keeping yourself in shape can help you avoid back problems from the beginning.


Stretch your muscles

muscle stretch

Apart from exercise, stretching is also necessary to stay flexible and avoid back problems. Somewhere it is also helpful in recovering from a back injury. You should make a habit of doing Stretching before doing exercise or heavy lifting. Start with easy stretches like bending back, bending forward, and bending side to side. According to experts, it is advisable to do this every day before going to bed. One of the best stretching exercises is yoga.


Emphasis on good posture

staright posture

Poor posture is another major reason for back pain. Make a habit of standing up straight and you can do this by keeping your ears over your shoulders, and your shoulders over your hip joints. It will help you to live a healthy pain-free life. Also, you can buy a chair for sitting that’s designed to keep your back straight.


Lift correctly

lift correctly

While picking up a heavy object, bend at the knees and keep the item close to your body. Also, be careful while lifting, do not let your body get a twist. You can wear a brace in case you have a job that requires heavy lifting.


Avoid stress to avoid back pain

Do you know stress can make your back pain worse? This is where yoga can help you a lot. Also to reduce the stress you should treat yourself well, avoid working for long hours and take out some time to enjoy life.


Sleep well

sleep well

What kind of mattresses you use also affect your back. So it’s advisable to choose a mattress that is available in the range of medium to firm to give your back relief from pain.


Final Words

So these are few tips to manage and prevent back pain. If you are dealing with back problems for a long time, it is advisable to consult an expert chiropractor like Dr. Thomas Gehrmann from Colorado Springs.

Thomas Gehrmann

Tom Gehrmann has been a licensed chiropractor in Colorado Springs since the fall of 1999.