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Managed security services
By EARL ROBINSON 3,737 views

How to Pick the Best Managed Security Services Provider?

Being a fruitful MSSP can be a battleground with undeniably difficult cyber threats. So, understanding the client’s infrastructure has become crucial for MSSP and it will give long-term benefits to your clients to run their business operations smoothly knowing it is supported by you their trusted advisor. 

Businesses are actively looking for managed security services providers (MSSP) instead of investing in a lengthy process of recruitment, training investment, and tracking down an answer for the issue of staff maintenance. 

MSSP can be an expansion of your current core competencies. This allows you to implement advanced methods to improve your client’s cybersecurity posture, work efficiency, and accuracy in data protection. Take a look at this article on the Importance of a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Review. 


Data Accuracy 

You need to be sure that customers are always receiving accurate results and it is the only key to helping clients’ IT teams work in a proficient way. 

Being a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), make sure you provide forthright False-positive rates along with your research on their IT landscape. As being an outcome-driven service provider, deploying the best technologies and solutions which distinctly show the information that you are receiving can help to find potential threats on an ongoing basis.  

Due to the SOC experts’ lack of insights on issues, there has been a large number of events where vulnerabilities have been counted as false negatives. This places a great load on IT departments reducing their time to act on true treats. 


Trained Personnel 

Before announcing yourself as a cybersecurity expert, it is not worth it until you have trained personnel who know what they are doing and how they are handling it. There are cases in the market where SOC centers hire employees with minimal field knowledge in setting up, deploying, and managing a system at the live scene. This could damage clients’ reputation due to sudden cyberattacks and they might have to face long-term losses. 

Relying on tools only can pose several issues. Managed SOC centers must be equipped with advanced tools under the guidance of cybersecurity experts. Sometimes, SOC staff are not armed with skill sets and experience as the determined hacker has in his/her arsenal. In one of the blogs of Sattrix Information Security, their experts mentioned the key principles of Managed SOC center are – setting up a guarded perimeter around your IT landscape, deploying customized and ML-based Threat Intelligence system, up-to-date security, data confidentiality and protect privacy. 


Moreover, the SOC team is at the forefront of any organization. Therefore, the retention ratio of staff should be less to run the tasks smoothly. This team is the first and last line of defense against malicious actors on daily basis.  


Combination and Result 

Before implementing anything, first and foremost understand the detailed framework functions of your clients. Have the arrangements set up to handily incorporate perfect, noteworthy information into their detailing processes, be it SDL pipeline or tagging. Keep in mind, you are going to make things more proficient without missing any single detail. Therefore, offer a reporting framework that will integrate easily, however, will absolutely feature any cybersecurity issues as per priority.  


Measure Progress 

Point-based reports on each malicious actor discovered vulnerabilities and breach attempts thwarted.  

Estimating your prosperity and transferring it back to your client is the most effective way to exhibit MSSP’s worthiness whereby demonstrating your level of confidence. MSSP can assist you to improve cybersecurity posture and proposition extra administrations if necessary. 


Find Suitable Managed Security Services Partner 

Nowadays organizations simply can’t afford to risk their security infrastructure due to many ongoing cyber threats, and risky incidents. Thus, having a premier-level MSSP provider can change your security needs. Being ahead of the evaporative threat ecosystem and taking charge of your client’s security requirements implies collaborating with other managed security services providers. To combat modern security threats, a partnership along with a highly recommended MSSP gives you an opportunity to leverage their strength without any investment. 

Partnering with Sattrix Information Security offers the option to grow your business, generate high value without capital, provide 24×7 customer support, increase revenue by including better service delivery. You can gain knowledge and support to convey better business results for your business and your clients. 

To face the increasing demand for cybersecurity services and rapid deployment as and when new threat actors come into the picture now and in the future, you need to strengthen your organization to deliver effective services at a fast pace. To be an “amazing” MSSP, you need to demonstrate the capacity to convey a full-fledged security service more skillfully and cost-effectively than your clients can do by themselves. 

If delivering the above services to match the clients’ criteria is difficult on your own, then make sure you work with cybersecurity professionals like Sattrix Information Security to ensure business success. 

Earl Robinson

Earl Robinson is a skilled and passionate sales leader with over 20 years of Channel sales experience. Specialized expertise in software, cloud, hardware, and services via channel partners, VARs, MSPs.

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2 years ago

It is good to know about managed security services. Thank you for sharing such things.