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Social media marketing has hit an all-time high in the last couple years, and by the year 2023, that, and the use of special software called smart bots (primarily one that stands out is ManyChat as it’s the most popular) are expected to increase in use nearly 100 percent as well. Therefore, many people are starting to provide and take courses that help others learn how to use ManyChat for their businesses. But what’s the best? We’ll tell you all about it later after we explain what to look for in your ManyChat course.

What Should I Watch For?

You may be inclined to simply just go to a YouTube channel in which an amateur user has public videos about how to set up ManyChat, but these free videos are going to literally provide you with what ManyChat could teach you on their website – the absolute basics. Other than that, they’re going to teach you what worked for them; every business is different, so you’re going to need your own methods of programming your ManyChat smartbot.

Along with this, make sure that you end up finding the right solution for ManyChat courses. Best ManyChat courses are going to give you the following:

  • Full automation training – so your chatbot can literally work for you hands-free as much as possible.
  • Customer Experience – Learn how to make your chatbot have a good personality for your customers.
  • Usability – You want your chatbot to integrate media marketing, e-mail marketing, Facebook Messenger, emoticons, memes, animated gifs, and use suggestive sales that are tailored to your company and your users.
  • ManyChat PartneredYou want to make sure that your teacher is a ManyChat partner, not just an average user who went to their website and passed their initial exams.
  • Open Communication – Many freelancers and individuals out there don’t communicate for you as well. Make sure that you can keep communication open so your ManyChat expert can literally share your vision.
  • Price Matters – It’s not so much the price, but many people give courses that are worth what you pay.

Why ManyChat is So Important

ManyChat is one of the leading industry chatbots out there for starters. On top of that, it offers the most flexibility, and the highest ability to get subscribers more than any other chatbot. You can literally custom tailor your user experience so every customer will think that you made your chatbot just for their conversation. Not only that, but people don’t like talking to bots, so you want to make it as “human” as possible. That helps things get a lot better. Taking a course in order to do so will save you a lot of money in the long run and can even help you increase your revenue, and your ROI (return on investment).


Smart Bot Marketers offers one of the best courses out there that have extensive ManyChat training that is worth almost a thousand dollars (for a fraction of the cost). They also offer these courses a lot cheaper than you would pay another individual or company to teach you or your employee how to use it. With Smart Bot Marketers, you get a one of a kind experience, and you can also get even more advanced training free. They constantly have offers for discounts and awesome deals to help you better your bots!

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