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Everyone loves to live in a place that reflects a piece of their soul without compromising their comfort. They play with the interior and alter the looks until they hit the mark. Be it the furniture, appliances, or ornaments. However, sooner or later, we all come to realize that it is getting overcrowded.

Adding more things to a room will eventually get it cramped, even if it’s for the sake of comfort. Most people don’t see it happening before they start bumping into items while walking around the house. That is when it becomes a problem to discard your precious belongings to make room.

Fortunately, several items can help you in this regard without taking that much space and giving your place an elegant look, like map posters and prints. You can frame them, paste them, and turn them into wallpaper if that’s what you prefer. But in any case, it is never going to get in your way.

Besides, you have plenty of variety and options, so you don’t ever have to worry about looking outdated or making changes. You will always have something up your sleeve if you choose to decorate your place with these.

Here are some suggestions on how to go through with the idea.

  1. Map Art Frames

A trending concept at this point is the use of map art to place on your walls. You can find many reliable sellers online putting their work on display for the taking. They offer all sorts of varieties, from the printing material to the designs. So, the limit is your imagination.

If you are highly invested and wish to take things up a notch, you can work closely with them to customize. They can change the outlook of your entire wall from top to bottom, giving your room a beautiful theme. Or divide a larger map into smaller frames and spread them around the wall. These were a few ways of taking your aesthetics to the next level.

  1. Wooden Wall Art

If you have an obsession with elegant wooden structures, then wall pieces might be your thing. It can be abstract, calligraphy, carving, or you can take the last idea and get a map carved on a slate. Using these various alterations and designs will always leave you something fresh and soothing.

These prove very useful when you are looking to complement a wooden floor or sleek kitchen appliances. Some people even have elaborate artistic designs in their mind for specific areas, like block structures.

  1. Poster Rails

The old way of sending written messages on rails still hasn’t gone out of fashion but evolved instead. You can use them to print your posters and hang them wherever you like. They are easy to put up, clean, and you can always find a new one that looks more exciting.

If you are looking for some ideas to use them, go for seasonal or thematic posters. So if you have a windy, chilly piece up for winter, you can replace it with one showing the beach during summers. The ball for making these changes will always be in your court.

  1. Minimalism

This idea has more to do with designs rather than what you put up on your wall. You don’t always need to make a choice that is vibrant, loud, or overly filled with colors. Sometimes, a simple quote or a slight stroke of the brush on an elegant background is enough.

If you think that you are more comfortable with them, aim for minimalism with your posters. Put up something that exhibits your state of mind and relaxes you while at home. Hopefully, your guests will be able to identify with the idea sooner or later.

  1. Poster Props

Most people make the mistake of thinking that posters only look good while hanging from your walls. Well, the time has changed, and now, you can use them as stylish props too.

Place them against a wall in your house and add whatever stuff that could uplift its look. Plant pots are a great way to begin exploring if you are in the phase of experimenting.

  1. Poster Collage

If you think that you can digest the idea of several posters of interests lined up in random order on your wall, a poster collage might be your thing. You can choose whatever you think suits your taste or goes with the place you are decorating and put them up.

It works best with walkways and staircases if you want your audience not to miss what you showcase.

  1. Wall Motif

A motif is something that exhibits a repeated pattern across something, like an image or design. You can use this idea with a little variation in posters to decorate your place.

For instance, if you are going for a geometric pattern wallpaper, then you might as well go for a geometric pattern poster that mulls in without losing its charm. That way, your wall will have a significant attraction even as you keep it simple.

  1. Color Grids

If nothing else spikes your interest, or you can’t put your finger on a design or image, why not put the entire palette up for display? You can pick a unique arrangement of color grids that cover volumes of art and simplicity for your house. Get it framed, or dedicate an entire wall to it. The choice is yours. In any case, your place will look nothing short of elegant.


These were some ways to put up map posters and prints around the house and decorate your place. You can find plenty of other options online if you are serious about the idea. Many people share fascinating work from their homes or workplace. And the best part about all this is that you can place custom orders for these items online. So the only job left on your end is to decide on how to go about it.

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