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Marble Countertops
By ARMILA BREE 1,155 views

How to Choose the Best Marble Countertops?

It is no surprise that marble countertops are still the top choice for many home owners. Whether it is your kitchen or bathroom, marble slabs are in demand. And, among marble counters, white marble is the best option for many people. However, selecting the best marble species is essential. That is why it is better to take expert advice while choosing white marble for counters. 

There is no denying that white marble is a wonder of nature. You will not find anything as aesthetic as a white marble stone. But even good-quality marble has seams and cracks in it. Also, marble has a naturally porous surface. But, some world-famous Italian marble species are non-porous. So, all such factors are essential to choosing the best white marble slab.

The best tip is to be careful while choosing marble countertops. In the case of white marble slabs, consider the factors below:

  1. Choose the best White Marble
  2. Ask for its origin
  3. Beware of the seams
  4. Select the exact marble pieces
  5. Focus on the veining pattern
  6. Choose the right finish
  7. Go for curved edges
  8. Look for cracks and fissures
  9. Apply the seal

Choose the best White Marble:

Indeed, white marble is a natural beauty. Although, there are plenty of options for marble countertopsBut, more people go for white marble slabs. In that case, pick the best white marble for your kitchen. Several white stones are there with unique veining patterns. So, you can choose any white species of marble stone. 

In general Italian marble are high-quality stones. In addition, Calacatta and Statuary marble are the best choices in white marble counters. These white pieces are perfect to resist stains and acidic spills. 

Ask for its origin:

Nowadays, Carrara and Calacatta marbles are in demand. Both of them originate from the regions of Italy. So, they are famous for their high-end quality and resistance. That is why it is vital to ask for its origin. So, when you go looking for the best white marble, ask about its origin. You will find out that the best marble usually comes from Italy and India. Also, feel no shame in asking for more details. 

Beware of the seams:

As you know, marble is a natural stone that is why it has seams in its pieces. So, look out of the seams and patterns on its surface. If two pieces have seams on their tops, it might ruin the final look of your counter. Also, look where the pattern drifts away from the piece. In this way, locate the design on the top.

Select the exact marble pieces:

Marble countertops come from various regions. That is why it is hard to find the same pieces of these natural stones. So, it is better to ask for the exact pieces of the white marble slab. Also, every white slab differs from the other in its base color and veining pattern. In this case, the suppliers will provide you with the matching pieces. You will figure out how the different slabs come together. 

Focus on the veining pattern:

Well, many people take the white marble slab as it comes. But, some others try to make a criss-cross pattern by combining two slabs. In this way, you can create a design on the top surface. Also, these cross-cut designs look stunning from afar. 

Moreover, never try to match straight lines with flowy veining patterns. A mismatched slab will ruin the overall look of your kitchen counter. Similarly, you can choose a block pattern in the middle of the slab.  

Choose the right finish:

In addition to veining patterns, the right finish can also transform the look of your counter. So, there are several finishes available for marble surfaces. You have honed leather and polished finishes. But, the most common finish for marble slabs is the polished one. 

In addition, the marble top remains polished with hones or a glossy finish. It is not only about outer beauty. But, it is also about its protection. The finishes also prevent acidic liquids from getting into the stone. The good news is that etching does not affect the natural beauty of white marble slabs.  

Go for curved edges:

The best edge cut can also enhance the look of your marble counter. Marble is used for sculptures for a reason. It is easy to apply tools to it. That is why it is easy to give it various edges. So, if you have a busy kitchen, go for round or curved edges. Also, these edges are safe to be around. Moreover, if you want some style in it, go for bullnose edging. 

Look for cracks and fissures:

Another thing to notice about white marble slabs is the visible cracks. If you find cracks on the slab, it is defective. Then, you have to find another one for your kitchen. But, it is essential to know that cracks differ from fissures. 

Fissures are there naturally on the stone. It adds beauty to the natural look of marble. In this way, fissures are acceptable on the slab but, cracks are not. So, look out for these visible errors in the white marble slab.  

Apply the seal: 

 Last but not least, apply the quality seal to your marble counter. Whether you need it or not, you should seal it for its longevity. In case of any damage, repair the marble slab and reseal it. In addition, be ready to put extra effort into its maintenance. 


White marble countertops are the best choice for any home. But, it is crucial to keep some factors in mind while purchasing it. Look at the marble’s origin after picking it. Look for seams and other visible defects. Also, note the veining pattern on the counter and its location. Finally, choose the right finish and apply a quality seal. Follow these easy steps and get the best white marble out there.   

Armila bree

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