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Marc Brattin Drummer
By MANOJ RANA 1,265 views

5 Things That Make a Great Drummer

Marc Brattin

Still in a struggle! After being involved in drum lessons and different practices? If yes, then you should follow our lesson to make progress and take your drumming to the next level. The musical Drummer Marc Brattin highlighted some essential traits required in a great session drummer.

Being a drummer, your job is most important in the band, besides songwriting. You have to teach guitarist as well as the bass player where the groove should be. You have to keep them in your head and listen at the same time. A drummer plays a significant role in holding the band together and driving the band forward. Virtuous drummers are in demand all the times, therefore it’s essential to consistently practice and work to progress.

For those of you who want to calculate their drumming potential, Marc Brattin shared 5 telltale signs that make a good drummer.

Feel the Rhythm

In some cases, rhythm fairly comes naturally. Unfortunately for others, it doesn’t come at all. Marc Brattin said,” if you have a heart beat you can actually feel the rhythm of your heart”. Naturally, there is a pulse pattern that makes up the rhythm of your heart. Similarly, a good drummer designs an inner clock that puts the rhythmic foundation for the rest of the band. A good indication is clapping. If you`re a good clapper (you clap on “2 and 4” instead of “1 and 3”) then you can create a better foundation of rhythm.

Good (Bodily) Coordination

A good drummer must require good coordination. Even if you don`t incorporate, All you need is the confidence and ability to start developing the coordination – do it now!

Being a drummer, you need to practice hard in order to acquire control of your individual hands, feet, arms, legs, and yes, even your brain. A lot of methods and even books are designed to help you with the same. It will not be hard to learn to use these limbs independently after spending some time developing them.

Make It Swing

Play 3/4 over a 4/4 beat to make the song swing. This is an old jazz trick. Marc Brattin does this to great effect in some of his songs. Start with slow and gradually increase the tempo. Drummers need to have amazing endurance and stamina with practice.

Master the Basics before Developing Style

Study different genres such as pop, rock, jazz, Latin, classical, etc. choose your favorite drummer from each genre and focus on what you love about the way they play. Once you master the basics, try to incorporate your own style.

Practice with Both Hands

Before holding sticks, relax your hands. The dominant hand will be stronger at first, but you can practice on developing your weak hand. Use right to strike the soft notes, and left one to play the more pronounced beats.

Next, practice using brushes to play a soft, ballad-like style. Now you’re creating notes using dynamics that occur naturally in music.

Your drum set is an extension of your eyes, hands, and feet, so practice working them together as well as separately. Your eyes follow your hands around the kit, while your brain lets your feet do their job with the hi-hat and kick drum.


If you incorporate these instructions with consistent practice, you can definitely expand your range while improving your drumming skills. Remember, it takes hard work and effort to improve but will be worth in the end. Drumming is physically demanding, but it’s also mentally satisfying. Now it’s time to just play and have some fun!

Don’t be afraid to be creative and experiment. If you need help to refine your skills, Contact Marc Brattin – A musical drummer in Houston‎ TX‎.

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