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If you are one of those students who have been considering an MBA or other masters programmes to enhance your career in any field but have not advanced further, then this read is for you. An advanced degree especially a master’s degree in a specialized field will give you an extra edge over others. When such a degree is from a reputed university or an aboard university you are sure to win brownie points. One needs to first chalk down the options that they can have before applying for a master’s degree.

Difference between a Specialized Master’s degree and MBA

MBA has been the most obvious choice for students looking for career advancement. Based on personal preferences of study, a specialized master and MBA have different formats to choose from. Students can choose residential, online or even hybrid courses. Though the study pattern remains the same for both the courses, there is a significant difference between the two.

MBA degree is all about in depth knowledge about the subject matter. Once the students achieve a certain work experience, they can apply the same over the course. Whereas a Specialized degree course is all about in depth knowledge about a particular subject. It requires no work experience and can serve as a bridge to recent graduates. This short program is more to a diploma course.

Specialized programs like Masters in Accounting, Masters in Finance, Master’s in Marketing are a few courses that are highly applied for. Universities in aboard also offer specialized courses in Movie Making, Gaming, Animation, Fashion, Art and Design and much more. But now these courses are also offered by Indian universities providing them with integrated and global relevant programs. With the best industry faculty, students get extensive exposure to traditional and contemporary forms of learning.

Specialized programs are all about tailoring your learning program. This course has been designed for you to study only what you have an interest in. If a student is interested in Animation, he or she can choose among the top animation colleges and develop a career path. Multimedia academies like IACG, India allows you to choose your field expertise. Choose among Animation, VFX, Art and Design, Film making, Fashion designing, and interior designing.

A specialized master’s degree allows you to learn at an advanced level. As per the study, around 60 percent of employees switch jobs for better opportunities or packages. While switching jobs, different skills will be demanded by different companies. As the undergraduate program doesn’t expose to different skills, a specialized master’s program comes into play.  For example, a VFX specialized program can provide you dynamic learning with the evolving CGI developments that can be required for developing a production-grade infrastructure.VFX training institutes allows you to have hands on training on ongoing productions.

Learning all this and much more, opens doors for job opportunities in the field. A VFX trained professional can perform all inter connected jobs and enter the VFX workforce. It is one of its kind program that equips students with the best excellent combination of traditional and contemporary learning. As they do not have field experience, universities equip them with quantitative courses by assigning them case studies. They concentrate on the theoretical fundamentals of the subject. To provide deep knowledge about a certain subject, universities want the students to deep dive into it. To do so, they have a set of core subjects combined well with electives.

A specialized master’s program allows you to network with people of the same interest. As students applied for a job as you would share the same interest, you can develop and maintain contacts that can be used later. Studying is not all about lecturing or introducing yourself to your colleagues. It has more to it. Engaging conversations, building relationships, developing contacts, maintaining relationships can help you in future field jobs. Educations all a bustling corner. For professional networking, you can use it to your advantage for professional growth.

This degree holds more value with recruiters like corporations. Regional companies, smaller firms, specialized firms value specialized master’s degrees. They are easily drawn to candidates with strong professional knowledge and strong work ethos. Specialized programs are the best way to demonstrate your CV and make it more desirable.

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