Every person is born with innate abilities like breathing, eating, drinking, excretion and sleeping. If we look at each activity closely, it’s just the power to sleep that acts as a natural source of relaxing us. Broadly speaking, we spend almost one-third of our life sleeping, so naturally, we tend to align our body parts for comfortable sleep.  With such a large world population, roughly, there are six kinds of sleeping positions.


We come into existence on earth in this form. Thereby making it one of the most preferred sleeper stances. Approximately, 41% of the world population prefers this manner of deep slumber.


Another common sleeping posture, having 15% followers, these individuals sleep with their arms straight beside them while lying on their one preferred side.


An extension to the ‘Log’ where the sleeper stretches their arms whilst sleeping on one side, a good chunk of 13% population follows this style.


Familiar pictorial depiction of sleeping assumed by almost 8% of individuals. In this position, the person sleeps on their back as if in the ‘attention’ pose of a soldier.


7% of world sleepers are the ‘huggers’ identified by their specific trait of lying on their front in a posture that conveniently hugs their pillow.


A typical form of slumber position, having 5% followers, such people put themselves to bed on their back and stretch out their hands on either side.

With so many poses of comfort during sweet slumber, there are bound to be cases where an unsuitable manner of sleeping caused a mild or severe form of strain to a muscle or limb. The most familiar issue general adults have is of back pains. These pains might be due to posture problems or incorrect sleeping forms.

Every problem needs to look at its root for the best solution. Here it becomes imperative we buy a suitable mattress for a good night’s sleep. Many of these kinds are also famous, check them out at SleepDelivered’s best mattress picks, in which we come to the next form of segregation about different categories of mattresses.

Memory Foam

It’s one popular mattress type due to its manner of slowly adapting to the body shape as the user goes to bed.

Latex Mattress

An extension of the above beddings, they are considered to be more durable and provide stability in terms of changing form according to the sleeper.


Also known as ‘Coil Mattress’, such variants use springs and coils to give a good weight distribution to the bed when the user takes their nap.

Water and Air Beds

These mattresses use air or water in their center chambers, which are surrounded by foam or fiber upholstery for support. They provide a good balance of softness and adaptation to body form.

True restful sleep comes from a fine balance of comfort and support. If performed incorrectly, this becomes a cause of many lifestyle ailments that the world population faces today.  You have now been equipped with the magical knowledge of sleeping postures and how to minimize common discomforts of sleeping positions by getting the appropriate beddings. So, go ahead and gift yourself as well as your loved ones a good night’s rest!

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