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Maximize your Profitability - Real Estate Team
By MIKE PATEL 933 views

6 Tips to Maximize Your Profitability When Building A Real Estate Team

Building A business team is obviously exciting, however, it is not a piece of cake. And we couldn’t agree less.  Real estate is a business in which entrepreneurs can achieve strong results straight out of the gate. Mike Patel Atlanta – based real estate developer says, building an innovative, and collaborative, real estate team with high successes is the way to find that level of success and profitability. Further, he says, in this process, you need resources that include brain power, self-motivation, money and time.

Team Building

Here are six essential tips to maximize profitability while building a real estate team. Let’s explore now.

  1. Draft a blueprint — and follow it

Create models and systems for your budding team. If you already have the vision, it’s great, but the action you take daily, weekly and monthly to get there is what really matters.

Devote some time early to draft how you plan to be profitable. You must start this blueprint with goals, priorities, and strategies.

  1. Recruit those who meet or exceed your talents

Surround yourself with a team of collaborative, committed, growth-oriented people who are continually trained and developed. Remember, you can be mediocre and sell a few homes here and there, or you can be odd and dominate the market. However to make it possible you definitely need talent.


  1. Derive profits from more than just commissions

A profitable real estate team market-build its business by developing multiple streams of revenue. Needless to say, real estate markets shift frequently.

Intelligent agents know this and protect their business by streaming and investing income from a variety of sources.

  1. Attitude Determines Altitude

Many leaders including Mike Patel, from strategy to execution in order to bring results requires the proper mental makeup. Positive attitude, high energy, and determination to achieve the desired goal lighten your load to the top of the mountain.

Live it. Love it. Enjoy Profit.

  1. Press the Easy Button often

To succeed in life, you need to come out of your comfort zone. Improve your strengths, and stay focused on the goals that generate the most income. You must ignore the tasks that just get in the way of your team to earn success.

Furthermore, you should consider the 80:20 rule. The top 20 percent of important activity on your list will be generating revenue no matter what your position is. The bottom 80 percent are the deliverables you can consider later.

  1. Prioritize Needs Over wants

Professionals develop core proficiencies with explicit expectations in individuals who are a perfect match for the company.

According to experts, you must develop a list of essential skills according to the need of your team requirement. Because in the end, it will help in hiring and allow you to build more efficiency with less drama.

Bottom Line

So these are six essential skills advised by Mike Patel Atlanta- based real estate developer to maximize profitability while building a real estate team.

Have a successful career!

Mike Patel

Mike Patel is a prominent Atlanta-based hotelier and real estate developer. Born in Uganda, Mike moved to England with his family when he was eight years old after the dictator Idi Amin deported anyone of Indian descent.