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Cyber Security
By MAYUR RELE 1,956 views

Mayur Rele – Definition of Cyber Security

Mayur Rele, a Cyber Security expert and cloud automation leader, who has extensive experience in overseeing global technology, security, and cloud infrastructures across various industries verticals provides details on Cyber Security.

The technology has revolutionized humanity, taking over our daily lives, and reshaping the modern workplace. With this comes the sad truth: cyber threats, cyber-attacks, cries, and much more. The point is many organizations do not see this coming as many have lost important information, strategies, and many tools of their business which has cost them greatly. Therefore, the need to protect every detail kept on a computer arises, cybersecurity.  The use of cybersecurity as gain more ground over the last few years. Many organizations and firms now make it an important factor in the running of their organization. The government and other sectors are not left behind. Read on as Mayur Rele walks you through what cybersecurity is all about.

Cyber Security is the technique and process developed to protect computers, servers, networks, data, and programs from unauthorized access. It involves implementing Cyber Security tools, training, and practices designed to protect valuable information from an outsider that might want to penetrate it. It is also called information technology security.

“The importance of Cyber Security is to provide a sense of security for computers, networkers, servers, and to make sure every information stored in the computer is protected from unauthorized access. Cyber Security measures can be challenging but, it is achievable,” says  Mayur Rele.

Types of Cyber Security

Application Security

Application security is designed to protect the software and devices from any form of threat. It centers on the measures put into consideration during development to protect the application from mistakes that may occur due to flaws in application design, maintenance or upgrade.  Techniques used for this application security include:

  • Auditing and logging
  • Input parameter validation
  • Role Authenticity and Authorization
  • Session management parameter and manipulation


Disaster recovery and business continuity

Disaster recovery involves the process of implementing and assessment of risk. It entails how an organization should respond to the Cyber Security incident and the development of strategies to recover data when a disaster occurs.

Disaster recovery systems dictate the process of the restoration of data, information, and how the organization goes back to its same operation capacity before the incident as fast as possible. Mayur Rele says it is important for all business organizations to have a disaster recovery plan, this enables them to resume normal business operations as fast as possible after a disaster.

Information security

Information technology security is the process of protecting computers or networks from unauthorized access. It provides the ability to protect the privacy of the owner of the computer including their data. Techniques used for this process include

  • Cryptography
  • Authentication, identification, and authorization of the user.

Network security

Network security focuses more on the ability to protect the usage, integrity, and safety of the network. It often searches for a wide range of threats and stops them from gaining access or spreading into the network. Network security makes use of a series of components which includes:

  • Visual Private Networks(VPNs): VPNs secure your public internet connection by encrypting your information and shielding your online activity
  • Firewalls: Firewalls are used to obstruct the operation of unauthorized access in the network
  • Malware and antivirus: Antivirus is used for the removal and detection of the unwanted virus in a computer
  • Intrusion prevention system(IPS): IPS is used to record and detect threats and take preventives measures to stop the action.

End-user Education

This is an important factor as it deals with many unpredictable incidents in the system..” Anyone can mistakenly launch to a virus to a secured system by not following the security procedures” says Mayur Rele. Therefore, it is important to teach new users to be security conscious by following these steps

  • Security awareness training
  • Plugging of unauthorized USB drives should be prohibited
  • Learning different techniques to detect suspicious email attachment

Learning important security measures for the safety of the organization.

Mayur Rele

Mayur Rele is one of the most reputed and famous American photographers who is known for his photography.