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MBA Courses
By MEGHA GOYAL 3,582 views

All About Distance MBA and Supply Chain Management

The working youth of today’s generation are career-conscious and high-aspiring. All professionals want to succeed in their respective fields. They want to gain more knowledge about their roles. Moreover, the employed youth want to pursue higher educational courses or professional degrees.

If they want to change their field or get a hike in their salary, they must increase their highest qualification. Almost all corporate sectors require an MBA degree in today’s business-oriented sectors. However, employees find it difficult to leave their job and pursue the course physically.

This is where Distance MBA comes into play. If you are working in an organization that demands an MBA, or want to pursue this course to enhance your skills, you are at the right place. In this write-up, we have mentioned all required details about Distance MBA.

What is Distance MBA?                          

Distance MBA is an MBA course that one can pursue from the convenience of their homes. The course period is the same as the conventional Master’s in Business Administration, i.e., two years. The curriculum comprises four semesters, and students receive study material to complete it.

With the advent of fast data connectivity, distance education has also incorporated online sessions. Thus, students find it interesting and less monotonous to complete the syllabus.

Distance MBA has numerous management specializations like Business, Retail, Banking, Finance, Supply Chain, Information Technology, Human Resources, etc.

Who is Eligible for Distance MBA?

A student who has completed graduation in any stream from a recognized institution can pursue a distance MBA. The overall percentage must be at least 50%. For detailed criteria, you should contact your preferred college.

What is MBA in Supply Chain Management?

The supply chain refers to all activities in the process cycle, from procuring raw materials to delivering end products. All small or large-scale industries have a supply chain concerning their products. The distance MBA courses in this field encompass the necessary spheres of this cycle, such as stock, inventory, crude items, merchandise, etc. 

What Opportunities does one Get After Completing a Distance MBA?

Distance MBA makes one adept with various skills. The students handle many case studies that open up their analytical minds. Communicative skills are another plus point of pursuing this course. Furthermore, due to the exposure to online seminars and events, students get a chance to better their networking.

Those who have completed distance MBA are open to umpteen options of employment. Some of the profiles include sales, marketing, research, accounting, finances, digital marketing, etc.

As discussed in the previous section, supply chain management is a new venture that has gained popularity. NMIMS is a renowned institution for continuing education that provides all essential specializations regarding distance MBA.

The teachers and staff are experts with ample experience and practical knowledge. If you pursue a distance MBA in supply chain management from NMIMS, you shall easily be employed as head of logistics, supply chain manager, leader of business development, etc.

The Concluding Thoughts

Our nation’s educational system has seen a paradigm shift in the current pandemic times. Online and distance learning has become the top choices in most zones. Therefore, if you want to change your current job appointment or want a substantial hike in remuneration, a distance MBA is the best choice. This course will raise your career graph and enhance your business and critical skills.

Benefits and limitations of Distance MBA

It’s the dream of many to pursue a full-time MBA and flaunt the degree on the day of convocation. But not all are lucky enough to get that opportunity due to various unwanted scenarios in life. Some of the commonly known hindrances for not pursuing a full-time MBA course are lack of financial support, failing to get a seat in an MBA college or family responsibility. But that does not mean that you will stop dreaming and forget to become an MBA degree holder. You can become an MBA by joining the NMIMS Distance MBA. But you may ask what about the time and fee. Well, courses offered by this institute are online, so you don’t need to attend the classes physically. You can continue doing it in your free time. Fees will be much lower, compared to the one paid for classroom courses.

There are some basic differences between full-time MBA courses and distance MBA. The content gives you an idea about the merits and demerits of pursuing a distance MBA.


    • The first thing you will love about distance learning is a flexible study schedule. You can attend the classes at your own suitable time. However, class timings are also remain fixed in distance learning, but you can watch the video of the classes if you have missed them. For examinations too, you are eligible to choose your center and timings as per your choice. Faculties are ready always to assist you in case, you have any queries regarding any chapter or assignment of the course.

    • Pursuing MBA Courses Online is always the best choice for those who are engaged in a full-time job. Maintaining a full-time job along with a full-time course is hectic, and it will make you tired. Distance learning gives you space so that you can do the classes after your working hours and at your suitable time.

    • Once you are getting accustomed to an online course, you will become more tech-friendly. Here you will attend classes and read books virtually. It will no doubt will make you advanced in this field of technology.

    • Online Executive MBA NMIMScan is done while you are doing your regular jobs. So here you can earn a pay your fees out of your salary and also you can stand beside your family to support. So here you don’t need to quit your studies for joining a job for family financial support. Moreover, online MBA courses fees are quite lower than full-time MBA courses and that is mentioned at the beginning only.

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