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By NANCY AHUJA 1,598 views

The Most Efficient Way to Run a Clinic: Get Best Medical Answering Service

The medical world can be very hectic and unpredictable. Top that up with the concern for running a clinic, it is stressful and troublesome in many ways. There would be an influx of patients from time to time and the incessant availability of phone calls and text messages. A better way to deal with these hectic elements at work is by outsourcing the ones that can be delegated and focus on the more important matters at hand. There are many things you can outsource, like training and support for your medical equipment, medical billing, and med answering services.

Med answering services come at different price ranges. However, if you are concerned about your clinic’s smooth functioning, it is better to opt for one such service. If you have a clinic in Ohio, you can easily get best medical answering service at a reasonable price range. There is no doubt that it is a good and smart investment as it will increase your clinic’s efficiency and productivity in the long run. You also do not have to worry about any violation of HIPAA rules and regulations as medical answering services are fully compliant with the procedures.

Importance of Medical Answering Services

As mentioned earlier, the medical profession can be really demanding at times. It does not really matter if you are a solo practitioner or work in a clinic collectively with other doctors and medical professionals. The life of a doctor can be very busy, and you have to make a lot of important decisions throughout the day. It is only fair to reduce the number of distractions at times in order to focus on larger problems. Med answering services come in handy at this point as they take the calls and store them for you to access them at a later and convenient time.

Apart from this, there are few other reasons for you to consider investing in medical answering service for your clinic. Some of them are:

  1. Call recording and message taking features: The med answering services have this unique feature of recording your calls and archiving them for you to access later. Some of the recordings can also be used for training purposes. This also applies if the concerned medical professional is not available to take a call at a particular moment. In that case, the message is taken and forwarded to the concerned department seamlessly.
  2. It is fully HIPAA-compliant: If you are worried about the HIPAA rules and regulations, then fret not! Medical answering services are fully HIPAA-compliant and take in messages and calls led by the HIPAA rules and regulations. It is the most secure way to contact a patient without breaking any rules. However, it is to be noted that most of these services are provided via mobile applications.
  3. Flexibility in timings: The most convenient feature of med answering services is their 24/7 live answering system. This means that no matter when the patient calls, they will be answered at any point in time. It is a very convenient option as medical emergencies are usually unpredictable. The med answering services are also scripted and have a list of frequently asked questions with scripted answers for convenience and efficiency. Now, you do not have to worry about the after-hours calls and messages. The clinic might be close for a day, but people’s concerns may not coincide with your schedule. In that case, patients can call the clinic after working hours. The messages would be noted and forwarded to the designated professional afterward.
  4. It reminds you of important appointments: Now, you do not have to worry about missed appointments. The med answering service takes care of that. If you have a planned appointment with a patient, then it will not only remind you of that but also your patient. That way, you do not have to worry about being stood up every time someone forgets the appointment timings. The service checks in with the patient at a convenient time to remind him or her about the upcoming meeting, accounting for a lesser number of cancelations and no-shows. Also, note that not only will a medical answering service remind you and the patient of an appointment, but it also can set the timing for one by looking up at the clinic’s calendar and letting the patients choose a suitable time for themselves.

Final Take

Although it may not seem like a big deal, a medical answering service is certainly a good investment. There are many benefits you can get after investing in one. Do not hinder the availability of your clinic during busy days. You do not have to worry about the HIPAA violations either as the services are very compatible with the rules, thus avoiding data breaches and information leaks.

Nancy Ahuja

Nancy Ahuja is a fitness and nutrition expert who believes in a healthy lifestyle. She likes to write about fitness and nutrition. She is also an expert adviser to the Medical billing Company who provides accurate patient billing, daily fitness tips, detailed fitness guides and reviews of fitness equipment.