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By ADA BENTON 1,611 views

Meditation Easiest Method to Attain Peace and Salvation

Respected Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan says that the present days of dangerous Kalyuga where evil is prevalent all round, worldly relations are deteriorating. During such an environment, if the recitation of Ram Naam has resorted to it will be considered as a great achievement. Your Highness says that during past days Rishi-Muni used to meditate for thousands of years to gain access to the Master. But now during this present period, the meditation of a few months is sufficient for this purpose.

His Holiness further says that man these days is being entangled in the web of attachments-illusion and his desires are multiplying day by day. One desire is yet under fulfillment that the second one raises its head. The charm of desire fulfilled seems lesser than the desire unfulfilled. In place of controlling one’s desire through sane thoughts, the man goes on being enmeshed more and more in the worldly affairs. Your Highness said further that when a person is distanced away from Ram Naam, he suffers pains and problems. In spite of possessing the wealth of the whole of the world, he remains troubled-restless. Man of these days is forgetting the meditation of the Master under the network of worldly relations like, brother-sister, mother-father, and son-daughter.

His Gracious Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that meditation is the easiest method to gain peace from all the worldly problems –troubles. We should not think ill of others even if they throw thorns in our path. One day those thorns will have to be suffered by those throwing them. The flowers laid by others will become velvet-cushions for us. His Holiness says that if a human being shuns bad thoughts and meditates the Master with a true heart. Then he can gain profound happiness of both the worlds.



Spiritual saints, Peer-recluses always guide about spiritualism. They tell the reality and get others to act upon the truth. Respected Guruji Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that when the pride rules roost over a person then he does not like the sermons of saints. Many ifs and buts rise in his brain. Man becomes very sad and depressed on that occasion because of the shortcomings and deficiencies pointed out by him in Allah, Waheguru, Ram. He goes on falling down morally. If you want to attain peace, tranquility, calmness, bliss, and happiness of both the worlds then it is imperative that you may do meditation, sumrin of God, Allah, Waheguru, and Ram. Other than this whatever efforts you may do like alms, donations, fasting etc. you can not gain soulful peace, mental satisfaction because these are simply deeds. If you will do good deeds then you will be rewarded with heaven and if you do bad deeds you will be awarded hell. The handcuff may be of gold or iron it is, after all, a restriction and does not give trans-migration. If you want to attain trans-migration then you will have to do the sumiran of Ram Nam. So far a man does not meditate or does Bhakti or Bhajan he cannot get freedom from transmigration.

When the mind of a person rebels, it does not obey the sermons of Peer Guru Faquir. It is another matter that when it suffers pain then it remembers the Master, but by that time, time slips away from his hands. Time never stops for anybody. Time is such an unbridled wild horse that cannot be caught by anybody from the backside. Therefore, if you want peace and tranquility then please catch the time shaped horse from the front bridle i.e. be strict to the time schedule. Then only you will be able to gain grace and kindness of God. Recite Sumiran-do service regularly and punctually check up your internal deficiencies and remove them. Do not give a lift to your pride. Do not follow your mind because mind pushes a person in a blind well. None can pull others out of it. Referring the mind as a blind well respected Guruji says that when you pay attention to the plea of your mind then your sound echoes in your own ears and no outsiders can hear it. So if you want to raise your sound to higher echelons then do the meditation. That Allah, Waheguru, Ram is omnipresent in each and every grain of the world. He will not only listen to your request but also will solve your all problems, tensions, pains, and all your troubles but also will give you freedom from the blind /dangerous well and will make you full of the mercy and love, to the brim.

Ada Benton

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