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Jack Marsden
By LARREN SMITH 880 views

Meet Jack Marsden – The eldest son of James Marsden

Meet Jack Marsden, a talented 22-year-old model and singer who is following in the footsteps of his famous parents, Dead to Me actor James Marsden and his ex-wife Lisa Linde. Jack comes from a long line of artists. Music, modeling and acting are deeply ingrained in his genes. But unlike his parents, Jack has chosen a path in modeling and music.

Nowadays, Jack Marsden has made a name for himself in the music and modeling world. He now goes by the name of Jack Holden Marsden. He started his career at a young age and has already released a music album that has attracted a lot of attention. Through his passion and hard work, Jack has also managed to build a music studio, which makes him a successful entrepreneur and artist.

He is now a celebrity in his own right, beloved by youths worldwide. So, what’s next for this talented young man? Only time will tell. But for now, let us take you on a ride telling you all that we know about him.

Birth & Parents

Jack Marsden was born to parents James Marsden and Lisa Linde on February 1, 2001, in Los Angeles, California. The pair married in 2000, but they divorced in 2011. Nonetheless, Jack has an extraordinary relationship with both of his parents. Jack and James have a special bond, shown in a series of adorable childhood photos posted on his dad’s Instagram. Similarly, he displays his love for his mother, Lisa Linde, on Instagram.

Birth & Parents


The relationship between his parents, James Marsden and Lisa Linde, started in the early 2000s. When they finally said “I do” on July 22, 2000, it was a turning point in their romance. Love, friendship, and a commitment to their respective professions bound them together in marriage.

On February 1, 2001, Jack Marsden was born to James and Lisa as their first child together. The couple’s joy at becoming parents and watching their love grow was unparalleled. James and Lisa were under pressure to be in the public spotlight throughout their marriage. James and Lisa were married for many years, but in 2011 they made the painful decision to divorce.

They have handled the breakup with class and discretion, so we will never know what led to their decision to part ways. Their dedication to their children and to co-parenting during the breakup of their love partnership was unwavering. James and Lisa have both moved on from their breakup and found happiness in other relationships and new phases of their life. James and his ex-girlfriend Rosa Costa have a son, William Luca Costa-Marsden. Even Lisa was able to find happiness and love in her own life.

Jack Marsden’s Siblings

James Marsden, the renowned X-Men star, and his wife Lisa Linde, an acclaimed Days of Our Lives actress, have a beautiful family that extends beyond their son Jack. The family is completed by their lovely daughter, Mary James Marsden, who is a charming 17-year-old and the middle child of the talented couple.

The family dynamic is further enriched by the presence of William Luca Costa-Marsden, James’s son from his former romantic relationship with Rosa Costa. Despite being a half-brother, William remains an integral part of the Marsden clan and shares the same love, affection, and appreciation as the other members.

An Ancestry and Family Tree Full of Variety

family tree full

Jack Marsden comes from a very interesting and varied family tree. His history is a colorful tapestry of civilizations, with threads stretching back to England, Germany, Scotland, and even faraway France. Jack’s grandpa on his father’s side, James Luther Marsden, is a well-known expert in the field of animal science.

On his mother’s side, though, he traces his lineage back to country music legend and composer Dennis Linde. Jack’s distinctive personality and inventive expression are clearly influenced by his rich and innovative ancestry.

Career- Modeling & Music

Jack’s foray into the world of modeling was inspired by his parents’ careers in show business. At the mere age of 16, Jack landed his first modeling job on the catwalk with Wilhelmina Models. He made his debut at the Dolce&Gabbana Men’s Fashion Week show in Milan. He was in good company with other young celebrity offspring models, such as Paris Brosnan, the son of Pierce Brosnan, and Rafferty Law, the son of Jude Law.

Career- Modeling & Music

Jack stood out from the crowd with his good looks and unmistakable charisma, and his father James Marsden gave him his full support from the audience. His popularity and success in the fashion industry are due in large part to his natural charm and skill. Jack Marsden has shown his love for music and the arts beyond only his modeling career.

He has finally given in to his musical dreams and, as Jack Holden, has published his first album, “To the Planes,” in July of 2020. Jack built the JM Recording Studio in his house to indulge his passion for music. He said in an interview that his father was a big reason why he got into music and that James Marsden’s roles in films like “Enchanted” and “Hairspray” were very formative. Jack’s heartfelt songs reflect his devotion to music and his talent for picking up instruments by ear.

Jack Marsden’s Girlfriend

Attention all ladies, Jack Marsden is officially off the market! The 20-year-old heartthrob is currently in a blissful and affectionate relationship with his lovely girlfriend, Soleil Jace. Fans can catch a glimpse of their sweet bond and affectionate moments on Jack’s Instagram, where Soleil frequently features as the center of his world.

Jack Marsden’s Girlfriend

While it’s unclear when their romance first began, their relationship appears to have been blossoming since 2020, and it’s a love story that shows no signs of fading away any time soon.

Despite the lovely posts and moments shared online, much about Soleil remains a mystery. While we do not know much about her profession, her presence in Jack’s life is evidently significant, and she is a cherished part of their relationship that is valued more than any words can express.


The oldest son of actor James Marsden, Jack Marsden, is quickly becoming a major player in the entertainment sector. He is the epitome of a multidimensional artist, with a wide range of skills that include modeling, singing, and more. Jack’s popularity is rising with the help of his supportive family and undying determination.

The world is watching this promising young musician closely as he moves forward in his career. Jack Marsden always demonstrates that the scope of great creative talent is limitless.

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