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myriam borg
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Meeting the elusive Myriam Borg, Lost Money Industry Founder

“There are a million ways to make a million dollars, but how do you find the perfect fit?, THAT is THE QUESTION” says Myriam Borg, renegade business woman and Founder of Create Australia a company that focuses on getting people out into start-up business as consultants in the lost money industry, an industry that is worth over $23 Billion dollars today.

Today, I went to meet with Myriam to see what makes a woman of her caliber, an obvious mover & shaker get into this particular niche sector. I met her at her local café, dressed in casual wear she greeted me warmly, after exchanging pleasantries I gathered myself and asked the question.

“So why Refund Lost money and assets, why did you choose that in particular? and how can someone still young be the founder of an industry?” I chuckled asking the too forward a question.

She looked at me, smirked and said “well thank you, It is a very young industry- 20 years old, I started out 17 years ago, and the reason I chose this particular industry is because I LOVE it, I love giving people money and getting paid in the process- I do it fairly & ethically and I have had huge success. As a result, people came asking if I can train them, and some & my team train people to refund lost money to individual, companies, and other entities- and in doing that we trained enough people that an industry was born”

Myriam Borg comes across as a very dynamic woman, she obviously loves what she is doing and relishing her role and the small industry her team works with. She tells me that of all the things she enjoys most it’s seeing others follow her business system and realize massive success- she seems warm and genuine. I ask her what you say to people who don’t succeed in the industry. She looks at me with a frown “well of course it’s not for everyone, what business industry has 100% success rate? Australian Bureau of Statistic says 98% of all businesses fail within the first 3 years! so get real, of course there will be those who will try and fail, I can write a Ph.D. as to why that is, but it does not change the fact- but business reality does not change the fact that the refund industry is head and shoulders above anything else out there on offer IF you are after earning a lucrative income with maximum flexibility & lifestyle freedom.” She looks me straight in the eyes and says “you just can’t beat it!” — for a second I have the urge to be a part of her small passionate tribe, going out there and bravely returning people’s money back to them.

“How much is your program? I ask her she starts to laugh and asks “you want to join my business program? “ She asks half-jokingly. “Maybe” I respond.

I must say meeting Myriam was not what I had expected, her warmth, sense of fun & candidness completely disarms you- and suddenly you are just sipping coffee & chatting with a friend. Myriam Borg Founder of Create Australia was an absolute pleasure.