Menstrual cups

Did you know the menstrual cup is one of the best options that are flexible because it is made from silicone and latex rubber? It is almost similar to the Tampon or pad. It will able to collect the essential things in the cup. Before starting the period, an individual has to fold the menstrual cup tightly.  Make sure that you are inserting the cup properly. All you need to put the menstrual cup like a diaphragm. Overall, an individual has to rotate the menstrual cup first and then rest place properly in your vagina.

It is a great thing that will able to prevent leakage problems.  Two types of menstrual cups are available, and some cups are disposable, and others are reusable. If you want to remove fluids, then one has to release the seal. If you want to know menstrual cup info, then you should read following paragraphs.

Are menstrual cups are new?

Menstrual cups aren’t new; it is available from the 1930s.  According to professionals, menstrual cups have been manufactured in the 1930s. It is a brand new thing that is providing enormous benefits to women’s. After that, it has been manufactured using different substances such as silicone and rubber. To prevent further complicated problems, it is recommended that you should always use perfect menstrual cups. Generally, most of the companies aren’t promoting menstrual cups because most of the women’s are reading details from the internet.


It is a really a great product that is Eco-friendly. It is available from $30 to $40 only that can last up to 10 years. It means you don’t have to care about landfills and money. Overall, it is a one-time investment that is providing enormous benefits to the women’s. An individual will able to leave it the menstrual cups for more than 12 or 13 hours with ease. It is overnight protection that will prevent complex disease. Make sure that you are wearing liner and backup pad. It will eradicate the irritation and rashes problem.

How does it work?

According to professionals, perfect menstrual cups will able to hold more than 1-ounce liquid only that is quite higher than other things. It will provide you with enough comfort during the heavy flow days. If you want to start sex with your partner, then the individual has to remove rubber menstrual cups with ease. Bear in minds that, soft disposable are designed for sexual partners only.

No odor

If you are exposing menstrual blood in the air, then it will start to smell. Make sure that you are using cups in the home only. It is associated with an airtight seal that is providing plenty of benefits to the couples. Overall, it is a safer option than tampon or pads because it doesn’t contain toxic shock or complicated infection.

Is it safer?

According to a study, if you are using a menstrual cup from more than 12 hours, then it can irritate. Most importantly, before inserting the cup, an individual has to wash the hands properly.

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