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America Vs. Chivas
By LARREN SMITH 442 views

The Rivalry of Mexico – America Vs Chivas De Guadalajara

We have some great news for you: the Clasico de Mexico, the biggest game in the continent, is coming to the famous Rose Bowl Stadium in Southern California on October 15th. This is the perfect way to end Hispanic Heritage Month. This match is a friendly match played every year in the U.S. and it will be the most amazing Mexican-themed party in the United States this year.

The Clasico de Mexico is a match between two of the most popular teams in Mexico: Club America from Mexico City and Chivas de Guadalajara. They have been rivals for almost 65 years. The previous occasion on which they competed in Los Angeles was in 2018 at the LA Coliseum. The event was known as the Super Clasico and attracted over 60,000 spectators. But America vs Chivas game is not just about soccer. There will be many events before the match that will show you the beautiful Mexican culture.

On the day of the match, you can enjoy a Fan Fest with live music, delicious food, legends from both teams, cute mascots, and many other fun things. This year’s Clasico de Mexico will be a memorable experience, combining the thrill of soccer with the colorful celebration of Mexican culture.

History of Club America and Chivas de Guadalajara

Club America was born on October 12, 1916, in Mexico City, when two soccer teams joined forces. They chose the name Club America from Club de Futbol America. The founders were people from the College of Mascarones and the local church, who met on a special day called Columbus Day, or Dia del descubrimiento de America, and created this world-famous club. America is a founding member of the Mexican Primera Division and holds a significant rivalry with Guadalajara.

Rebano Sagrado, or Chivas, is one of the most famous, influential, and successful teams in the Mexican league. The team originates from Guadalajara, the capital city of Jalisco. They compete in the highest division of Mexican football, known as Liga MX. With a history dating back to May 8, 1906, the team has a rich and lengthy heritage.  In its 116 years, Guadalajara has won 12 league titles, 4 MX Cups, 7 Champion of Champions trophies, and 2 Concachampions cups. The team was founded by Edgar Everaert, a Belgian man, and Rafael and Gregorio Orozco.

They called it Union Football Club but later changed it to Club Guadalajara.  In their first game, they wore white shirts and Rafael Orozco was their coach and president. Everaert suggested adding red stripes to the shirts, inspired by the flag of Bruges in Belgium. The team became known as Guadalajara on February 26, 1908, establishing its identity. Both clubs are very successful and popular, so their matches are called El Super Clasico.

The Club America Vs Chivas rivalry is the most important one in Mexico. Also, Club America plays against Cruz Azul and Club Universidad Nacional, which makes their games even more exciting.

America vs Chivas: History of Wins in the Mexican Classic

Club America crushed their rivals Chivas Guadalajara with an amazing 4-0 win at the Estadio Azteca in the Clasico Nacional on Saturday, September 17th. This win in the Liga MX Apertura moved America to fourth place with 14 points, while Chivas are just behind them with one point less. Chivas have had a bad time lately, losing three games in a row, and this one will hurt them the most.

But let’s look at the bigger picture and explore the history of both teams. Both teams wanted to win the Super Clasico match, as it would help them climb the standings. America has a better record than Chivas overall. They have played 250 times since the 1940s, including 38 friendly matches, and América has won 93 times, while Chivas has won 78 times, and 79 times they have tied. But in their last game, Chivas won with a big score of 4-0.

It is interesting that Chivas has not been able to beat America at Estadio Azteca in regular-season games since 2016, except for their 3-1 win in the Clausura semifinals last May. América has done better than Chivas in important games. In the Mexican league playoffs, the team from Mexico City has won 10 out of the 13 two-legged games against Chivas.

The most famous of these games was the ‘Final of the Century’ in 1983/84. America won 5-3 in total and got their fourth national championship, putting them ahead of Chivas, who have 12 titles. There have been five Súper Clasico games in the semifinal stage of the league playoffs in their history.

Right now, Chivas has an edge in this, as they won 2-0 in total in the Apertura 2016. But America got back at them in the Apertura 10 years before when they won 2-0 in total.  The teams have also competed in significant matches such as the Mexican Cup finals in 1954 and 1955, both of which were won by America. They also faced each other in a first-round game of the CONCACAF Champions’ Cup in 1985, with Los Azul-Cremas emerging victorious.

In 1998, the two teams met once again in the Copa Libertadores, as Mexican teams were invited to participate in South America’s most prestigious club tournament for the first time. America continued to beat Chivas on big stages, as they won both home and away games in the group stage, with scores of 2-0 and 1-0.

Club America Vs Chivas

Fans of both teams would be eagerly waiting for the Club America Vs. Chivas game which is to be held on October 15th, 2023.  You need to buy a full-priced ticket for everyone who is 3 years old or older to go to the America vs Chivas event.

Kids who are 2 years old or younger can go without a ticket, but they have to sit on an adult’s lap. Please put your event ticket in your mobile wallet before you get to the stadium, so you can get in faster. Please show your ticket to be scanned when you get to the stadium gates.

Bottom Line

The America vs Chivas match is more than just a game. It is a reflection of the history, culture, and passion of Mexican soccer. Both teams have a loyal fan base and a fierce rivalry that spans decades.

Whether you are rooting for America or Chivas, you can expect a thrilling and entertaining match that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Don’t miss the chance to witness the Clasico de Mexico at the Rose Bowl Stadium on October 15th. It will be a night to remember.

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