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Mica is known for its unique properties – it can withstand a temperature of up to 1000°C before breaking down and provide vital protection in high voltage situations. No wonder why many industries use mica as an insulation solution, such as high-temp insulation tape, in plenty of applications. Besides being ideal for high temperature and high-pressure environments, Mica is lightweight, durable, and absorbs little to no moisture. In other words, it doesn’t compromise the performance of any system in which it is implemented and stay unaffected by the elements.

Most industries look for the right insulation solutions, like fire-resistant tape, for varied applications because they increase efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and extend the lifespan of equipment or system. Perhaps the biggest reason why mica is always the first choice is it ensures everyone’s safety operating the equipment – it helps to protect them from high temperatures and/or high voltages.

Here we have mentioned how mica-based insulation helps improve safety in varied applications.

Furnace safety

Most industrial furnaces operate at significantly high temperatures all the time. It’s vital to implement the right insulation solution to ensure the safety of every worker around the furnace. There is a significant risk in coreless induction furnaces that the metal may penetrate the coil when the crucible lining begins to become thin. Many times, it leads to the furnace rupturing or exploding, in some cases. Though many owners ensure an earth leakage detector to mitigate the risk around the furnace, it’s always best to take additional precautions with the help of insulation. One such solution is to combine a layer of non-magnetic, stainless steel mesh with a layer of phlogopite mica in a single, flexible laminate sheet to detect a breach in the furnace lining.

Thermal barriers

Automotive batteries are high-density batteries and therefore ideal for large systems, like powering electric vehicles. Unfortunately, lithium-ion batteries are susceptible to unstoppable chain reaction due to high temperatures and generally lead to fire accidents or explosions. However, mica sheets and laminates can be used in EV battery packs to create a barrier between the battery cells. In case of a fire emergency, the barrier will slow the process down and give enough time to the driver and passengers to reach safety. Though it’s not possible to prevent or stop the thermal runaway, implementing an insulation solution to help occupants buy more time and save lives is in our hands.

In conclusion, mica-based insulation ensures the safety of users. Even appliances at home, including microwaves, ovens, toasters, and hair dryers, have mica-based insulation solutions to protect consumers from high temperatures and high voltages. Mica is also used in capacitors to increase the capacitance and stop the two charged plates come into electrical contact as it may lead to a short-circuit.

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