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For IT professionals working on the Azure platform, a variety of courses are available to study. Depending on one’s goals, it is recommended to choose one of the various courses certified by Microsoft. The Azure security engineer training course is mostly useful to IT professionals building a career as a security engineer for cloud platforms. This course covers a variety of topics, such as cloud-N architecture, virtualisation, automation, and scripting.

What skills would this course help one develop?

This course can help the candidates perform a variety of activities once completed. The main skills which one would develop from the Azure security engineer associate training course are:

  • Identifying mechanisms of Azure data protection
  • Describing the Azure security features and services
  • Implementation of the Azure data encryption methods
  • Describing the specialised data classifications
  • Securing the internet protocols and learning about their implementation in Azure.

Evidently, these would be a major addition to the skillset of an IT professional. It would considerably boost your abilities in one’s career, allowing him/her to solve difficult problems with relative ease.

Who is eligible for this course?

This is an advance course meant for already practising IT aspirants and professionals. Therefore, it is expected that the candidates already have some experience in using the Azure products. The prerequisites which one must meet in order to apply for the course are:

  • The candidates must complete the Microsoft Administrator Associate Course first.
  • At least a year of practical experience in securing the Azure workloads.
  • Experience with the Azure security controls.

It is highly recommended to complete the prerequisites before opting for the Azure security engineer training course. Only with the proper understanding of the basics and some practical experience, one would be able to reap the full benefits of this course.

What are the career prospects one may expect after completing this course?

This course is evidently aimed at preparing professionals for a career in IT security. It is expected that upon finishing the course and getting certified, one would be able to:

  • Implement threat protection
  • Remediate vulnerabilities
  • Respond to security incident escalations
  • Maintain an organisation’s security posture

You would be able to play an integral role in the protection of your company’s data with these skills. Evidently, this would turn you into a valuable asset for the company. It would ultimately lead to greater chances of promotions and higher pay.

With more and more companies embracing digital technologies, the demand for security services is on the rise. Most of the Fortune companies use sophisticated cloud platforms for their operations are in constant need of skilled professionals. Some of the leading institutions offer the course online as well as on-site training. An Azure security engineer associate training course certificate obtained from a reputable institute would certainly serve you well. Apart from better chances of promotions, it would also make it relatively easier to find employment in an esteemed company. Therefore, this course is certainly one worth opting for as long as you are genuinely interested in building a career om this field.

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