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Caring for your teeth is not so complicated but missing a minor detail in everyday habits, it’s easy to get a toothache in the future. In this article, we have compiled relevant information about your dental care, which will shed light on common mistakes that you might not even think about.

1. You Wash Your Toothbrush Too Thoroughly

Do you think about putting your toothbrush in a dishwasher for disinfection? Think again. We often hear scary stories about breeding bacteria, but the Center for Disease Control and Prevention confidently states that there were no cases that someone got infected from their own toothbrush. Just rinse it thoroughly under a stream of ordinary tap water, let it dry, and store in an upright position so that it does not contact other people’s brushes. And if you need a good dentist, check out

2. You Don’t Store Your Toothbrush Right When Traveling

It is important both to pack the toothbrush hygienically before putting it in your luggage for the trip and to immediately get it out as soon as you unpack the suitcase upon arrival. Bacteria thrive in a humid environment. If you are carrying a toothbrush in a case with a lid, make sure that it dry before packing in baggage. If there is no vertical toothbrush holder in a hotel bathroom then a glass for water will perfectly replace it.

3. You Often Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Specialists in traditional medicine claim that the use of unfiltered apple cider vinegar should have a practically magical effect on the body. Research does not support this theory and dentists are firmly convinced that acetic acid is harmful to tooth enamel. Best dentists told that even thorough rinsing of the mouth with water after apple cider vinegar use can not mitigate the damage to the teeth.

4. You Don’t Pay Attention to Teeth Grinding

While mild bruxism may not seem a big problem, severe cases can lead to chipping and gritting of teeth, headaches, bite problems, and even changes in appearance. It is difficult to understand whether you grit your teeth at night but if you have such obvious signs as a pain in the jaw or a constant headache, immediately visit your family dentist who will help protect your teeth from damage.

5. Use of Toothpicks

These wooden sticks are indispensable when food is stuck between your teeth in a restaurant but the truth is that wooden toothpicks are bad substitutes for dental floss. They can lead to chips and cracks and damage sensitive gum tissue. Use a toothpick only in emergency cases but know that it is much better for preparing canapes than for brushing your teeth.

6. Use of Hard Toothbrush

Like wooden toothpicks, stiff bristle brushes tend to do more harm than good. At first glance, it may seem effective but hard bristles can damage tooth enamel. Studies have shown that gums can be severely damaged by stiff bristles. The study says that hard brushes also provoke gingivitis and tissue damage more often than soft ones.

7. You Drink Too Many Fruit Juices

Fruit juice, freshly squeezed or packaged is one of the most popular drinks today. Unfortunately, they contain not only vitamins and minerals useful to the body, but also a huge amount of sugar, as well as aggressive acids harmful to the teeth. If you completely can’t stop consuming them, do everything possible to minimize their harmful effects on your teeth. Rinse your mouth after acidic juices or drink them through a tube.

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