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By HERMIT CHAWLA 1,644 views

How to Create a Mobile-Friendly Website and Raise Traffic for your Business?

In modern times, most internet users access websites and other applications on the internet through mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. Studies have shown that in the year 2020, the number of mobile internet users is about 4.28 billion, which indicates that 90% of internet users use mobile devices to go online.

Thus, making websites compatible with mobile devices becomes extremely important for businesses around the world. In some cases, businesses need Web Design Agency to create a mobile-friendly website. There are certain features to keep in mind while creating such a website. Let us look into the article to have a better understanding.

Adobe Flash is an old technology to incorporate videos on a website. It was popular up until 2010 but contained many issues regarding security, compatibility, and more. Due to this, Flash content is in a declining phase; Modern day mobile devices don’t support flash content. It will be a huge mistake to use flash in 2021; instead, you can use HTML5 for your website development.

  • Be Compatible

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are available in varied screen sizes and orientations. It becomes essential for web developers to design a website that is compatible with all mobile screens and be mobile-friendly. If not appropriately done, users can get confused due to different views of the website. The modern-day tools and themes make it easy to design such a responsive website.

  • Approach with Simplicity

The technology related to smartphones and tablets keeps getting better and better. But, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone holds on to the latest phones with advanced technological advancements. The majority of the population still uses older versions due to varied reasons. So, instead of incorporating an intricate design supported by the latest phone, try to take a simple approach to cater to every user’s needs. We got you covered if you need a web design agency to develop a simple yet elegant website.

  • Highlight Essential Information

The time spent on surfing websites through mobile devices is vastly different from computers and laptops. Sometimes it’s during leisure time to know the cricket score of their teams and other times it is during emergencies, to look for essential information quickly. In both situations, users will leave the website if they don’t find the information quickly. So make sure you highlight essential pieces of information.

  • Test for Website

It may seem obvious, but doing a thorough check of the website’s performance on both still and mobile devices is a necessary step that no one should ignore. You need to keep in mind that Google is indexing your page for ranking purposes, and performance is an essential factor of high-ranking websites. So, if you want to rank higher in SERP, make sure to test the website on mobile devices.

  • Optimization of Images

As of now, mobile devices are not yet as powerful as a desktop or laptop. It means that the website loading rate is slower in mobile devices due to limitations in bandwidth. And the biggest hindrance in the fast loading of the website are the images, a 1MB image may appear a small deal for desktops, but it is an issue of concern for a mobile device, especially if you have a lot of them loading at once. So, it is advisable to optimize the image size to reduce the website’s loading time on mobile devices ~ UI Design Company.


Making your website mobile-friendly has now become a necessity for the success of the website. You can have a team of dedicated developers for the website design, or if you feel you need Web Design Agency to make a website for your company, we haveli a good list for it.

Hermit Chawla