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Modern Millionaires Review: Make Money from Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia, the new game of ghost hunting that finally come from nowhere amid the pandemic and is taking everyone by storm. Phasmophobia is about a four-player that goes into a detective game about the ghost. A game that leaves you glued to your system without noticing the passing of time, while you get lost in the world of ghost hunting. However, phasmophobia is not only about hunting for ghosts, it’s also a money-making game where you get the right professional panorama equipment to get going. How do you make money from this? Read on as Modern Millionaires, a multi-billion business that has walked their way to success, and helping others to do the same walks you through the 2 main ways you can turn your phasmophobia into making good money. Before diving in, go through Modern Millionaires Review for more on how you can make money fast, easy, and without much effort.

The player initially starts with a small amount of money to buy little equipment. However, there will be a need to acquire more money that helps safeguard you against apparitions or give you valuable insights that can help identify ghosts. There are 2 main ways you can make money which is taking ghost activities photos and completing the main objective. Now, understand that your monetary reward lies in the difficulty of your encounter and how well you are able to survive it.  Let’s delve deeper into how.

Take photos

A good phasmophobia photographer will make as much money simply by taking photos and the more photos were taken, the more the money increases. However, if you take photos that portray the same evidence or fall into the same category, there is no monetary reward for it. There are only certain pictures taken during the game that will attract rewards and it ranges from $5-$10.  They fall into these categories with each representing figuring out what type of ghost is in a Location, ghost activities and interactions, ghost fingerprint or footprint, a dead body, and many more.

Ghost: players need to get the shot of a ghost or its shadow when it arrives. First call out the name or ask  questions to know which room the ghost is located.


With the help of UV light or glow sticks, you can easily identify their fingerprint or footprint.

Dirty Water in the sink

Want to get the picture of a dirty water in the sink? Just irritate the gbost and watch it turn on the faucet in the kitchen or bathroom. Voila, take the picture of dirty water for more money.

Ouija Board/Voodoo Doll

Ouija Board/Voodoo Doll appears when a ghost is presence. Immediately you get to see it appear on the map, take a shot.

Ghost interaction

Ghost involves in activities such as turning on the radio, turning off the lights, opening and closing doors. When this happens, it’s time to take pictures.

Dead body

Your teammate died but you can make money from the sad situation by taking a picture of the corpse.


When you see a bone lying around in the building, it signals the presence of a ghost. Get your camera and take pictures.

This means the camera becomes an important instrument on your journey. Hence, if you want to make more money, you need more cameras to make more.

Completing objective

Of course, the easiest form of making money on phasmophobia is by completing the main task. This can be anything as simple as discovering the ghost room to a difficult one like seeing a ghost. To get the most of it, one needs to stay alive while getting the objective completed.

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