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Hershey Rose
By JOE MAILLET 1,113 views

Montreal Pre-sale And Resale Mortgage Services

It’s everybody’s dream to own a home without going into debt. Many people cannot afford the price of buying a house. Hence, they have no choice but to take out loans or mortgages. The question is, should you take out a loan for a presale or resale house? Real estate mogul, Hershey Rose has the answer to this question.

Hershey Rose is president of Brydere Consultant Inc. The company is a consulting firm specializing in real estate and mortgage services for the past 16 years. Hershey Rose is From Montreal, Quebec. He was appointed as part of the advisory board member for Granville Savings and Mortgage Corporation. The Gazette and other notable media houses congratulated him when he was appointed. Additionally, he was part of the board of directors of Les Hotel Senneville Inc.

In his words, before you take out loans, check the pros and cons of presale and resale to know the better option.

What are Mortgage Firms?

Mortgage firms are financial institutions that provide financial help for those who want to buy properties. It may be a residential building, office space, or a commercial building. They lend money to clients as loans and provide funds to real estate businesses that lack funds. If you want to establish a real estate business and lack capital, go to a mortgage firm. Mortgage firms can provide you with the capital.

Mortgage Firm Services

Mortgage firms offer housing loans to those who need them. They have different loan plans with different repayment options. It’s up to the clients’ to choose the loan subscription that suits their financial needs.

Every mortgage firm has different business operations. Their financial capability differs too. Some mortgage firms have lots of eligibility requirements, while some have few eligibility requirements.

Resale VS Presale

Presale is More Expensive than Resale: Additional charges and high deposits make presale more expensive than resale properties. This is why low-income families choose resale properties.

Adequate Time To Complete Payment for Presale: There is no need for buyers to panic over meeting up with the payments. This is because they have enough time to gather money and pay. After the initial compulsory deposit, you can patiently gather the fund you need to pay the complete mortgage.

No Need for Renovations on Presale Houses: You don’t need to renovate the building structures or repair damaged structures because presale properties are new.

Fixed Selling Price for Presale: Builders fix their properties at a certain price with no room for negotiation.

Can’t move inside presale Houses as soon as possible: It takes a while for buyers to pack into presale properties. They have to wait for construction to be completed, and this may take years. The builders can build a few units. This is a problem if buyers are more than the number of units available. Another possibility is if the seller is unable to complete construction for one reason or the other. Then construction will stop midway and buyers have to wait until construction finishes to pack in.

Purchasing Resale is Cheaper than Presale: The absence of extra charges makes resale a cheaper option compared to other forms of property.

There is No Fixed Price for Resale: You may negotiate the price of resale with the seller. Another benefit is if the seller sets up a bidding event and there are few offers. At the end of the bid, you may purchase the property at a lesser price. This price will be cheaper than the original selling price.

Resale Mortgage Process is Simple: It is easy to pay a mortgage for resale properties. This is because you are already aware of the interest rate and your financial status.

Move inside Resale Houses as soon as possible: After paying for resale properties, you can pack in as soon as it is convenient for you. Although, you may need to consult with the buyer to finalize the moving in date. Afterward, you may pack in with your personal belongings. Unlike purchasing a presale property where you may need to wait before you pack in.

How to sign up for mortgage services

You may apply for home loans online or visit the physical office of the mortgage firm of your choice. However, most firms have business operations online as a cost-effective method.

If you qualify for a loan, the company will lend you their money and expect you to pay it back. There will be an agreement between you and the company about the payment method and duration.

Mortgage firms don’t offer anything other than real estate financial products. So don’t expect anything more. For example, if you need a loan to buy a car, you have to consult a different financial institution for this. Similarly, mortgage firms don’t give clients financial products of their competitors.

Ask your mortgage firm if you can take out loans to purchase a presale or resale house.


Not all mortgage firms have the financial capability to lend money to clients. Some go bankrupt when they try to lend money to clients.

So if you are ever in need of a loan to purchase a house, consult a mortgage firm. Ensure that it is financially capable of lending you money.

Finally, before you borrow the money for resale or presale properties, ask yourself this? Is it beneficial for you to borrow money to purchase a presale or resale? “If the advantages are more than the disadvantages, then go ahead”, advised Hershey Rose.

Joe Maillet

Joe Maillet is an avid reader and a writer by heart. He is an author, freelance writer and a contributor writer, who write articles and blogs for various leading online media publications and for CEO and entrepreneurs from across the world. He keeps himself updated with the latest marketing trends and always recognized in the industry for providing solutions to B2B and B2C businesses.