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Dwayne Cross – A Room of Entertainment!
Dwayne Cross - A Room of Entertainment!
By DWAYNE CROSS 2,848 views

Music Live Concerts- A Room of Entertainment!

The festive season is on its way! And with this festive season, the live concerts of popular artists and musical bands are all set to entertain you. For a music lover, the energy and excitement of a concert are intoxicating, and they always crave for more! Surprisingly, most people today love listening to music, but have never attended a live show, live performance, or a concert.

Why aren’t more people encouraged to be a part of this concert goer culture? Are you not aware of its perks?

If your answer is no then let’s explore with the perks of attending a live concert with Dwayne Cross.

Discovering New Music

No doubt that people from all over the world love discovering new music and sharing their discoveries with others on social media. When you are a music lover you feel satisfied in recommending a new artist before anyone else has heard of them yet.

Discovering New Music

Concert goers must discover new music live, especially if they love opening acts. As we all know, the internet is constantly introduces you with new music every day. Not everyone can constantly listen to everything on the internet. Indeed. Attending to a show where there is an average of 2-3 opening acts you are bound to come across a new artist. Whether Jay z or 50cent, all your favorite artists with opening acts at one time, and that’s what you can expect at a live show. There is a good chance you will see the next singing stars waiting to be discovered so don’t you want to be part of that experience as a first fan?

Meet and Greet

A concert is the best place to meet your favorite artists and music bands. So, if you get a chance to be in the presence of someon

Meet and Greet

e whose work you truly admire, what more you could ask for? The media is known for introducing entertaining things and creating “celebrities” for us to admire them as a celebrity when in reality they are just like us. Interacting personally with the artists behind the music can provide you with an opportunity to know who they truly are. Most times you will find artist off stage as an approachable, down to earth person, and while on stage, his cool and fun loving behavior is even more apparent.



If you don’t live in a city where musicians are going to perform, then planning a road trip with friends isn’t such a bad idea. But what to do if you don’t find anyone to accompany you? Well, this is the best opportunity to meet new people at the concert making a new network. You never know if you find someone at the concert who share the same music taste, sounds like the start of a beautiful friendship. Music unites people and provides a platform for social integration, so these strangers should feel more like a family.

Live Experience

We mostly listen to music intimately, through ear buds, on iPods, laptops, etc., but experiencing the live performance– can’t compare to anything. Loud, sweaty, Messy, and rough are just a few words that perfectly describe the fun of live concerts. The uncensored and ingenious are best witnessed in first-person. You never know what surprises are in store are waiting for you at these types of events.

Final Words

So these are the reasons why every music lover must experience the concert of their favorite artist. What are you waiting for? Let’s experience the live concert with Dwayne Cross and feel the magic.

Dwayne Cross

Dwayne Cross has a colourful background that has seen him tour most of the globe. This is particularly interesting that now he organizes tours for others. His background goes all the way to the streets of Chicago where Dwayne learned his first “trade”…basketball. After moving to California, Dwayne took his basketball skills and earned a scholarship to university at United States International University San Diego (USIU). Upon graduating Dwayne played professionally in Turkey in Europe for the European Cup, and South America (Argentina) and Australia. He also had an exciting one and a half years as a Harlem Globetrotter.