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Nowadays, the probability of meeting your next big client, sitting at Starbucks is as common as attending an official networking event, which indicates the first impression is imperative to becoming an influential leader.

Sometimes, you meet an uninformed individual who is associated with or working with someone who exactly needs your expertise. If you make an impression on them, that contact of yours can result in a lucrative business deal.

This never means you spend hours in front of a mirror scrutinizing and nitpicking yourself or your business.

You need to do is keep these five tips from Myriam Borg Entrepreneur in mind to put a smile on everyone`s face.

From your fellow Starbucks patrons to the speaker at your next networking event in order to remain in their good books.

Perfectly Define Yourself

To articulately define thing to others, the initial step is to deeply comprehend it yourself. Focus on things, you do best and make it the center of an elevator pitch. So that, you can clearly and easily elaborate to people, who are unfamiliar with your industry.

For example, you’re trying to express someone with six different things, none of them will stick. Instead, if you focus on your single strongest skill, you`ll be able to better articulate on things you’re the best at. As a result, the listener will reminisce you. Also, they are much more likely to be impressed.

Try To Listen More Than You Talk

Though, the perils of distraction in our digital world, Myriam Borg business woman found it extremely difficult to get someone’s unbroken attention while you’re speaking. But to make them feel important, you primarily need to focus on the person you’re speaking to and actually listening to – what they’re saying. Undoubtedly, it’s rare, but a special feeling for a listener that make them remember you.

On the other hand, if you speak much or feel you’re talking too much, ask a question to bring the focus of the conversation back. For example, “You earlier mentioned that you’re dealing with lead generation and business development for your startup right now. Do you have a background in this? Or what made you decide to step into that role as a founder?”

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Be a Super-Connector

Now, if you are blessed with a super-connector skill, this is worth the extra effort. Observe your targets and find how they could be helped with your connection and vice-versa. This question helps you to figure out exactly – what a person wants so they can immediately create a lasting relationship with you. It is a brilliant tactic. Super-connectors like Myriam Borg entrepreneur & refund consultant are likely to stay in “in the know”. They know what each of their connections is capable of, who is in their network, and what connections need or are looking for. This enables you to instantly connect people based on the needs and abilities while increasing yours as well as others value.

Another upside to making the connection is that you’ll have to listen very closely to what your new acquaintance does and what they need in order to introduce them to the right person in your network.

Powerful Body Language

A lot of people forget to include non-verbal cues when they speak. Remember, your body language is as important as your words especially, at your first impression. Show confidence – practice it by holding an open stance with your arms relaxed at your sides. Avoid putting hands in your pockets or cross your arms to give an indication of lack of confidence or defensiveness.

Whether you’re standing or sitting, ensure your posture is straight with your shoulders back. Most importantly, make an eye contact, whether you’re speaking or listening. Myriam Borg entrepreneur has experienced a lot of people who find it easy to make eye contact during listening, then speaking. Observe your posture, your arms and your level of eye contact regularly, in your day-to-day interactions and improve them as fast as you can. The more you practice, the better will be your body language.

Act on Other’s Advice

It’s a pleasure to ask for advice. At the same time, it annoys when the advice isn`t being considered. If you’re asking someone for advice or help to figure something out, immediately act on their advice or clarification. Otherwise, they’ll disincline to help you the next time because you wasted their time as well as energy. Therefore, make sure if you’re asking for advice or any sort of help from someone, take action accordingly.

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Conclusion – The Best Five Tips!

There are numerous other tips that you can learn by squeezing every interaction with every new person you meet. However, practicing a huge “to do” list of best behaviors can be both exhausting and stifle your natural charm. If you just focus on above these five tips highlighted by Myriam Borg Entrepreneur, you’ll leave every person you meet with a clear idea of who you are and a desire to help you, which adds up to a very positive first impression.

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Myriam Borg is an Australian businesswoman who coined the term momtrepreneur as her niche business style, she is the author of the highly acclaimed Lost Funds Location and Recovery Guide The Refund Consulting program 2017 version, she is credited with being the founder of the lost money Refund industry. Myriam is based between Sydney, Australia and Vava'u, Tonga. She is an avid traveler and runs her business while traveling the globe.