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myriam borg entrepreneur
myriam borg entrepreneur
By MYRIAM BORG 1,040 views

Myriam Borg`s Proven Tactics for Entrepreneur to Get Smarter, Faster and Stronger

The combination of mental and physical health is a powerful concept. In today`s era, employees are the engine that keeps companies growing, adapting, improving and innovating.

Not surprisingly, the thoughtful workplace design can be a powerful tool for supporting employee performance. A collateral benefit is that what typically supports productivity also enhances employee health and wellness – it’s all interrelated.

Physical and mental health benefits have been demonstrated by multiple scientific studies. Even the success of your business lies in the same notion. Positive thinking brings confidence, improve your mood, and even reduce the likelihood of developing conditions such as hypertension, depression and other stress-related disorders.

Following are some of the stand out tips from Myriam Borg – An entrepreneur that can make you more efficient, more productive and more impactful.

Appropriate Mindset

A proper mindset can help you solve 90 percent of the problems you might face. Indeed, it is really easy if you have the right attitude, said Myriam Borg, an Australia based Entrepreneur. All you need to do is get up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, ‘I might have to defend myself or my loved ones today.’ You have to start by appreciating yourself as a survivor – I have the personal mindset that ‘I can’t be beaten. I will not sit there and suck my thumb. One day, I will meet my maker, and when I do, people are going to high-five me for kicking ass.

Habit of Asking Yourself

Make a habit of questioning yourself – If something were to happen right now, what would I do?’ Doesn’t matter whether you are standing at the counter of Starbucks or at a table at a five-star restaurant. Neither the plans need to be very good or indelicate. Simply, you need a life-saving jump start if something bad goes down. For example, I’m going to grab my wife and we’re going to run into the kitchen. Even a bad plan is better than no plan. Otherwise, you’ll just sit there like the rest of the sheep sucking your thumb.

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Higher Heart Rate

The Business Woman Myriam Borg shed light on army troops to figure out the concept better. You usually see the troops of soldiers running out in the morning. Similarly, we have to do that in real life. Why?
The reason behind is to reach and sustain that high target heart rate. Including your body, it boosts your mental awareness. Also, it clears all of the tequila out of your blood stream from the prior night, if any. Or martinis for those gentle types out there.

Trust Your Gut

Myriam Borg, a business woman said,” I do what I can to avoid the possibility of walking into something bad. I encourage you to do the same.” If you don`t have warm and fuzzy feeling or you just not feeling right somewhere – avoid being the guest of such place. The practice has saved hundreds of lives. Myriam Borg during his Refund Consulting Program got a strange feeling about an area and went around it. Later, she found out that another coalition convoy got hit with an IED. Even if nine out of 10 times it turns out to be nothing, that 10th time could mean the difference between you staying safe or walking into a bad situation. Trust your gut.

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Morning Joe Coffee

Myriam Borg Entrepreneur shared her study of a test done by the military on various sorts of stimulant and depressant. The test concluded that caffeine really doesn’t have any downside. In terms of early morning missions or late night guard posts, caffeine has proven to be the best way to keep alert without adverse side effects. So initiating the day with a cup of morning Joe coffee will safely and efficiently wake you up and get your brain going.”

Professional Outward

The last but not the least is – How you dress and take care of yourself. It is an extremely successful technique from Australia based entrepreneur Myriam Borg to conquer your day. Follow an example of combat zones, you’ll see the soldiers have clean-shaven faces. Special Ops guys might grow beards, but that’s just to blend in with the locals. But their uniforms and equipment are in perfect order, clean and correct.

Several studies have shown that simply brushing your teeth can only raise your morale by 13 percent. Being aware of a terrible day ahead of you, take the time to present yourself as a true professional. A complete stunning professional look presents a big boost of your confidence.

Myriam Borg

Myriam Borg is an Australian businesswoman who coined the term momtrepreneur as her niche business style, she is the author of the highly acclaimed Lost Funds Location and Recovery Guide The Refund Consulting program 2017 version, she is credited with being the founder of the lost money Refund industry. Myriam is based between Sydney, Australia and Vava'u, Tonga. She is an avid traveler and runs her business while traveling the globe.

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