Liver disease

It is usually observed that liver disease occurs without visible symptoms. At times such a condition leads to severe cancers and cirrhosis. If not taken enough care of, it can create severe health problems in patients. Sometimes, we are often surrounded by liver disease myths that need to be addressed on time. Your liver specialist Hepatologist near you can guide you on it.

Below are some myths and misconceptions related to the liver disease:

Alcohol is Considered the Primary Reason for Liver Disease.

Right and Wrong: Yes, excessive alcohol contributes 80% to liver disease.20% is based on genetic conditions and physical health. For instance, keep a check on your cholesterol level; even high diabetes affects your liver adversely.


Coffee is Supposed to be Best for the Liver.

Coffee is assumed to be safe and beneficial as you don’t add sugar in it, and even 2-3 cups are consumed daily. A liver specialist hepatologist found that a lower risk of cirrhosis is associated with the consumption of coffee. It is always recommended to consume anything within a limit to avoid the risk associated with it. Even if it is beneficial for you but have it in small proportion.


Do Genetic Plays a Significant Role in Liver Disease?

Right and Wrong: Yes, genetics and hereditary play a crucial role in liver disease. But it is always advisable to maintain healthy habits to keep your liver active and beneficial as a person gets only the genes of their parents and not their practices, so it is always in one’s hand to control their habits.

A person should follow a healthy lifestyle to minimize the risk factor of liver diseases. Consult the Liver specialist hepatologist near you to guide you to maintain a proper diet so that it won’t affect your liver unfavorably.


A Routine Blood Test can Easily Detect Liver Diseases.

Wrong: This is not true as detection of liver diseases is invisible. It is difficult to detect through a blood test. Therefore, it is recommended to go for routine checkups to keep track of your health.


Are Allopathic Medicines Safer than Herbal Medicines?

Right And Wrong: Even Allopathic medicines can cause severe damage at times. Therefore, it is always advisable to consult and get a prescription from a Gastroenterologist.


Exclude Heavy Items from Meals to Prevent Yourself from Liver Disease.

Right: To keep your liver fresh and healthy, substitute your diet with lots of vegetables and fruits to reduce the risk of liver disease. You can add meat, beef, full-fat heavy dairy products, even chocolates, and pastries but to a limit. It is often said Precaution is better than prevention. Therefore, a person should keep his/her diet healthy and balanced.


Is Medication Risky for the Liver?

Right and Wrong: Yes, it is attached with the risk if you consume it without proper prescription and direction by a Liver specialist hepatologist. Even the quantity in which you are drinking your medicine matters a lot. An excess amount of medicine can destroy your liver and can make your condition worse.


Visit a Gastroenterologist only when you have Liver Pain.

Right: Yes, of course, you need to visit a gastroenterologist if you are suffering from pain as they deal with the overall function of the digestive system as a whole which includes the liver as well. It is advisable to visit this professional, so they can quickly encounter the actual reason for pain after conducting some test, therefore it is much better if you approach them before it’s too late. They will assess your report and will assist you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your fitness to keep yourself healthy and strong.

Several myths regarding liver disease are covered in the above points to clarify that it can be treated as early as possible if you follow a healthy lifestyle and approach a liver specialist or gastroenterologist whenever facing some issues.



Liver disease can give you long-term trouble in life; it is best to seek guidance from a liver specialist hepatologist near you. Their support and guidance will bring your life back on track and keep your liver healthy and happy.

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