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Organ Transplants
By JOE MAILLET 2,190 views

Common Myths about Organ Transplants

It is estimated that since 1998, there were about 700,000 organ transplants in the United States only. Each organ transplant made life much more bearable for people who had problems with their organs. Still, many people are reluctant about becoming organ donors themselves. Why is that? Well, many people are afraid that if they become organ donors, the doctors won’t try as hard to save their lives when an accident occurs. According to this myth, doctors adhere to a utilitarian approach. It is not true. Even if the death of one person could help the doctors save several other human lives, the top priority of the doctors is to save the life of this one person. We might live in a society where many things are unfair, but it doesn’t mean that the doctors won’t put as much effort into saving your life if you are an organ donor.

Another popular claim is that after organ transplantation, is the open-casket funeral is not possible. Just as was the case with the previous argument, this claim is also false. The body of the deceased person will be dressed and treated with respect, which means that it is completely possible to opt for an open-casket funeral when the deceased person was an organ donor.

Yet another reason why people don’t become organ donors is that they claim that it is against their religion. In reality, all the major religions of the world – Christianity, Islam, and Judaism encourage its members to donate their organs to save the lives of others. It isn’t surprising, as the motif of saving the lives of others while paying the ultimate price appears in all major religions throughout history. There is something inherently human about helping others even though you won’t receive any reward – no wonder that organ donation is treated by the major religions as the act of ultimate human kindness.

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Joe Maillet

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