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While boarding schools have been around for a long time in India, parents tend to be reluctant to send their children to these institutions. This is due to a number of myths that create concerns among the parents. While these myths may have been true in the past, they are not relevant to leading residential schools in India. Here are some such beliefs which you no longer need to be concerned about when admitting your child to a reputed for quality education.

  1. Academic results: One of the popular beliefs regarding boarding schools is that studying in these schools affects the academic performance of the students. However, there are reputed IGCSE board schools in Delhi with a strong record in academics. All you need to do is check these records when choosing the school.
  2. Individual care: Parents often fear that sending their child to a boarding school would deprive them of the necessary individual care. The leading residential schools though, come with houseparents who regularly check on the residing students. The houseparents keep a close watch on the health of the children and the hygiene in their suites, dorm rooms, etc. They even provide the children with special support if needed.
  3. Non-academic activities: It is a common myth that when residing in a boarding school, the children wouldn’t get to enjoy sports and other activities. All you need to do is get your child admitted to a residential school which offers adequate sports facilities. In fact, some of the leading schools even offer coaching facilities for specific sports. Indoor games and other recreational activities are also provided in these schools to keep the students engaged.
  4. Security: It is quite natural for parents to fear for the safety of their children when sending them away for a long time. However, you may rest assured knowing that the leading IGCSE board schools in Delhi offer reliable security features. These include regular patrolling inside the campus, round the clock posting of security guards, CCTV coverage, modern firefighting facilities, etc. After all, any harm befalling the students would affect the reputation of the school.
  5. Medical facilities: It is not really hard to find a residential school with a well-equipped infirmary. It is recommended to go for a boarding school with a strong infrastructure, along with ambulances and in-house doctors to provide immediate care to the children in case of emergencies. Certain schools have tie-ups with nearby hospitals. Eventually, this busts the myth of boarding schools not being able to provide necessary medical facilities.
  6. Lifestyle: While living at home with their parents, children can enjoy various lifestyle amenities which the parents fear would not be available in a boarding school. However, you can get your child admitted to a day boarding school in Delhi which offers every necessary facility from gym to salon.

Now, it is quite evident that the school you choose largely determines whether the myths would actually be true. It is recommended to carry out some research of your own, check out the reputed boarding schools in the region and eventually make your choice.

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