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By JOE MAILLET 1,169 views

What are the Myths of Manual Handling course that are not true

Many people think that the Manual Handling course is only a way to teach how to lift a box. It is so simple and easy that this course will be rather a waste of time. However, this is not only a single myth that prevails in this industry. There are so many misconceptions of people that have turned into myths about this training. The importance of training is misunderstood for many years. And that’s why many people avoid it and end up in manual handling injuries.

Whenever we think about the Manual Handling course, we are pretty much sure that what will be the material of the training. You may be doing manual handling for years but there is the scope of improvement for everyone.

So, here are the myths that are related to the manual handling training and we have busted them so that you can have the only right information.

  1. The manual handling course is about lifting the box: This is the most common misconception about the manual handling training. However, it is not only the way to lift the box, there are more important things than that. It is a way to look after the back, kinetic handling, team lifting, and the latest regulation regarding this, in reality, the way to pick up a box is actually a very small part of the course. After having the training, you will get to know that how many ways we can utilize this training in our daily life.
  2. The human spine is not adopted for upright posture: Many people think that the human spine is not adopted for the upright posture and for that we have a tendency to walk slightly bending. On the other hand, as per the doctors, it has already adopted the posture and for that reason, the bones of the upper side of the spine are smaller as the bottom part has to carry the maximum weight.
  3. Lifting with hallow is safer for back: This concept is completely wrong and people can actually face trouble. It has been revealed in the research that load distribution on the spinal disc is better while you maintain a slightly or flat position for your lower back. The support is better than the hallow position.
  4. Twisting is bad for your spine: It is true that extreme twisting is bad for your back but when you do the movement in a fair amount, there is no harm. You have to just make sure that while twisting at home or work, you need to follow the right posture.
  5. The intervertebral disc is a shock absorber: You may have heard that the intervertebral disc located in your back is a shock absorber but it is not true. In reality, these discs are not capable to absorb any shock as these are too stiff.
  6. Always go for light load: We are all well efficient to pick and move objects that are within our capability. Whenever we use our back muscles, the tissues will become stronger.
Joe Maillet

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