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Neighborhood when looking for a New Home
By GANESH 1,805 views

How to look for best Neighborhood when looking for a New Home

When you are planning to look for a new home, you will find multiple options within your budget. To make the decision easier, you can look for the desired neighborhood. The neighborhood should have all the daily essentials that make a peaceful living. A safe and secure environment is all one desires. Befriending people, accessible kids play area, gym, school, malls and more.

Buying a new home is like investing in a lifestyle. You not only buy a home with rooms and kitchen but also choose your desired neighborhood. The people you would like to stay with, the travelling time you are ready to invest in and more. Thus you need to be careful while you choose a home as it’s a neighborhood you will be living in.

Take a look around the property

Before you take any heavy investment decision, it’s advisable to drive in and around the area. Look for the close-knitted amenities that are available around the property. Spending time around the neighborhood will help you learn the high and low times of the area. Make a note of the sidewalks, the front yard and the houses located nearby. This will help you understand if it’s a friendly and safe community to live in or not.

While looking around, you might experience any nearby vacant plots. These plots can be used for future development. This can help increase your property rates as the development is been notified. This will also create noisy and heavy traffic street which might affect you in the future.

For gated community apartments you can note down the kind of neighborhood you will experience in the near future. Are most of the resident’s middle-aged? Or senior citizens? Or youth? All of this will determine the kind of company you will stay with.

Understand the commuting time

When you plan to reside in a particular area, understand the commuting time to the office, multiplexes, schools, and hospitals. Learn the peak hours of the locality and the best time to commute.

In the same locality, take notes of the public transportation available. It could be taxis, public buses or even metro. Learn about the cost of hiring these and the time it will take to reach your workplace or office. If you need to travel, also understand the nearest railway stations and airports.

With children in the house, it is important to keep a note of the nearest schools available and the well-kept ones. We all aim to provide the best education, but if the school distance if more than 50 minutes it’s a bad choice to reside. Making sure that schools and tuition are nearby and the kids spend less time over the roads. While considering the neighborhood, it is good to learn the schools and if it is worth the fees paid. Also, learn the mode of transportation to reach the school. Do you need school transport? Or can they walk by to reach? Is it safe for them to walk or will they experience heavy traffic? All this and much more buyers need to learn when they choose any neighborhood.

Similarly, make sure you have good medical facilities in your neighborhood. A clinic or a hospital will help you in case of a medical emergency. It is important to have a good health center in close vicinity.


The most important for any housing society is the amenities they offer. Many residents choose a house based on this factor. Premium apartments in Hyderabad like that of Rainbow Vistas is a gated community apartment offering topmost luxury with all the possible amenities.  To meet your day to day requirements, they offer a grocery store, cafe, laundry, salon, clubhouse, play area, and a walking path. Thus before choosing any house, make sure you have all the amenities in close vicinity to avoid the travel time. Understand how close a grocery store or a salon will be.

If you are the ones who enjoy community service, then learn the nearby worship centers. Look for the closest art, library, and other centers. If you like to chill over the weekend, then make a note of the best bars and lounges that you can visit. Checking out the local newspaper or bulletin boards will help you understand the locality better.

All of us love shopping, and when it is at a convenient locality, it becomes more fun. Avoiding the traffic and chaos, if you could shop for the best brands, then it’s a perfect place to reside. A source of entertainment is also a must in the locality you choose. Restaurants, cafes, gardens, multiplexes where you can hang out with family and friends. A play area for kids and a safe place for senior citizens to sit and relax is the best way to make them feel content.

The neighborhood does not have a definition. It is not subjective. It is a set of criteria’s that buyers set when they choose a locality. As you define a dream home, a set of ‘must-haves’ comes in your mind. Those must-haves help you achieve a dream home. When you look for flats for sale in Hi-tech city, Hyderabad, there are numerous amenities that you would find within the community. Such communities have a neighborhood that aptly suits all your basic amenities requirements.


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