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By JOE ROBERTS 1,639 views

Do Cables Lead to Better Network Connectivity?

Every company and individual wants to stay connected to the rest of the world. Therefore, having a reliable internet connection is essential to our daily lives, whether for communicating with distant friends or keeping in touch with important clients.

Purchasing trustworthy and reliable mechanisms to improve our network connectivity is a challenge in today’s world. It’s challenging to decide which brand is best for our needs when there are many competing options. In the world of bulk ethernet cables, wifi boxes, modems, and routers, finding an online service provider who can provide a stable connection is critical.

  1. Ethernet cables can fix your internet woes
  2. Shop Network cable products to improve your connectivity
  3. Conclusion

Ethernet cables can fix your internet woes

Using an Ethernet cable to connect your computer to your modem, we can improve our network connectivity. Unlike wifi, which is a non-tangible technology that our smartphones and tablets use, Ethernet cables are physical items that help us connect to our local networks.

Because Ethernet cables transmit data more reliably and quickly than wifi, using this physical connection to create a bridge between your computer and modem can significantly increase your internet speed. For example, Ethernet speeds can exceed 10 gigabits per second, whereas wifi speeds are limited to 6.9 gigabits per second.

Ethernet cables require a cable to run from your device to your computer, but they keep you in one place and provide faster internet. Wifi signals are broadcast over the air, allowing you to work from any location, but they are insecure.

Shop Network cable products to improve your connectivity

Assume you’re looking for Ethernet cables, wifi boxes, modems, speaker wires, patch cables, and fiber optic cables to improve your network’s connectivity. In that case, the best place to start is with Network Cable Products.

Network Cable Products is a company based in Southern California that can help you with all of your wire, cable, and data communication needs for your business or home. If you’re not sure where to start, the website even has a section dedicated to the best Ethernet cables currently available.

When looking for what you require on Network Cable Products, you have a variety of options to choose from, including:

  • Network cables in bulk
  • splice cables
  • Wiring for speakers
  • Fiber optic coax cables
  • Connectors for cables
  • Management of the cables
  • Miscellaneous equipment

Starting with the ‘bulk network cable’ section may be the best place to start when looking to improve your network connectivity. Cat cables (Cat5e to Cat8) and unshielded cables, shielded ethernet cables, and outdoor ethernet cables are all included in this category.

Patch cables are another option when shopping for Network Cable Products online. Patch cables can help with internet connectivity, and this site has options for Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6A patch cables to meet your specific business needs and internet speed requirements.

So, more cables and less Wi-Fi?

After reading this far, you may be considering updating your network architecture and connecting everything via Ethernet. But, of course, this option is unavailable for smartwatches, tablets, smartphones, and intelligent lighting.

To summarize, it is logical that the fastest method of transferring files between devices is via an Ethernet cable. It is critical to emphasize that the Internet speed agreed upon in your contract with your ISP is irrelevant in this instance.

The requirement for mobility and the number of ports available on our router will influence our decision. For example, if you use a laptop and are constantly moving from one desk to another within the range of your Wi-Fi, it may be impractical to use a cable, which would require you to remain in one location. However, with a desktop, the situation is quite different.

While desktops can be equipped with wireless cards, recommended only when connecting the desktop to the router via Ethernet cable is impossible. Cable connections are also optimal for network-sharing devices and media players.

While the dream of cable-free devices is already a reality, it is not always the best option for those who crave high speeds. So, finally, it comes down to a matter of priorities.


Infinity Cable Products is a reliable way to boost your business’s productivity by shopping for items that can improve your network connectivity and internet speed. 

Joe Roberts

A business advisor