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Living in Maryland is always feeling to be halfway there! It is by means intended to claim that it is a lesser of a place to live than anywhere else, it is the capital after all! But in the crispest of terms, it is somewhat of a midway shot between a town and a metropolitan city. You can get everything at your doorstep just the way you want it, but not as lively I would say as Cali or New York. I mean those guys are living life by the second.

It was a fine Sunday morning last year that my wife decided to put her baking skills to use, but with the oven repair long overdue in a place like Maryland MD on a holiday is everything but good news. I tried on a few appliance repair stores to see if my luck would work out and I would get those delicious promised brownies after all, but all I got in response was a few hours of wait until an appointment. Caught by the situation, I had no time to waste as even a single hour would be enough to swing Amelia out of that awesome mood and I wouldn’t get to eat the brownies I had been waiting for all week. So I decided to have my game face on and gathered some shattering confidence from the tutorial videos and articles on the web, wouldn’t have taken me more than half an hour to hold myself on a scale equal to an expert, but that was just me.

I really didn’t know what I was doing; I was just trying my best to follow the guidelines of the videos. The regular cleaning and couple of tweaks should have set it about rights as per my knowledge, and to the best of my abilities, I managed to somehow get it all screwed back up to one piece. With even more confidence gathered now that I was through the maintenance, I decided to give it a trial shot before finally breaking the good news of my abilities to Amelia.

I would state here with no shame that I did get my conscience blown right out of me as I plugged it in and everything went mute after the loud spark and boom from the oven! I wasn’t even trying to mimic an affordable oven repair service expert, was just trying to find my own way around stuff. I got stiff as stared at the oven, clueless what had happened and what to do now. The surprise planned was a disaster now and I had to be brought back into existence by a few gentle shakes from her. It wasn’t completely a bad thing to happen as humor replaced the fun of having brownies, we got to wait for the expert to come over anyway and now fix even things than before.

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Scott Henson
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