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By MAGGIE HOLMES 759 views

Awesome Fashion Tips no Woman Should Ever Miss

The first step to finding perfect clothes is knowing what fits you the best. But fashion is not only picking the right clothes for your shape and colors that you look best in. You can follow trends and find all the combinations that you can make with the clothes you already have. The key to creating amazing fashionable summer outfits is knowing all the tips and tricks in fashion.

Don’t Splurge on the Basics

When purchasing basic items of clothing there is no need to spend a lot of money on them. Purchasing plain basic tank tops and t-shirts can be done at any chain store. There is no reason to splurge on a basic white shirt, even though it will be your everyday essential. Another great thing about them being so inexpensive is that you can stock up on them instead of buying only one expensive. If you find ones that you like, you can buy several different coloured ones.

Stay On Top of Decluttering Your Closet

This fashion tip is one of the most important tips. Every couple of months lose the clothes that you don’t wear anymore. That includes anything that is old-fashioned and not in style, or things that don’t flatter your body shape anymore.

Stock Up On the Classics

There are a few pieces of clothing that doesn’t go out of fashion and you need to keep in your wardrobe. Those things are a plain white shirt, a little black dress, a wrap dress and a pair of jeans that fit you like a glow. Investing in these classics is always worth it as they never go out of style.

Take Trends Lightly

As we all know every season brings a new set of friends. One season can have a trend that is gladiator heels and shoulder pads but the next month will be something completely different. Of course, you can still wear things that you like no matter if they are considered to be in style. But if you are someone who likes to be trendy, don’t go overboard with buying pieces.

Ear Piercings as Accessories

One of the simplest ways to have more sparkle in your style without having to incorporate things in your outfit are simple ear piercings. It doesn’t need to be anything extreme. It can be a simple lobe piercing, but you can spice it up and get your tragus or helix pierced. If you are not familiar with any piercing parlors simply look up ear-piercing near me and make an appointment with a parlor that has the best reviews.

Know How to Show Your Assets

Whether you have killer legs, great cleavage, toned arms or a great figure, be aware of them so you can accent them with your clothes. The most important thing is that you wear clothes that fit you, but you want to go a step further and war things that will accent your assets. Nothing will make you glow and feel confident than having your assets highlighted.

The Rules of Showing Skin

Everybody, no matter what shape or size you are, you can show off some skin. The rule of showing off skin is to show off one part of your body at a time. So when you are showing off your cleavage you shouldn’t combine it with something as revealing as a miniskirt or vice versa. How attractive you are shouldn’t be measured by how much skin you are showing.

The first thing that you need to do in order to be a fashionista is to know what your body shape is and what fits you the best. That is something that will make you not only more confident but it will help you shop for clothes.

Maggie Holmes

Maggie Holmes is an Australian blogger who writes on renovation, fashion, technology, and business. You can follow her on Twitter at https://twitter.com/MaggieH04666334