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node.js web development
By JAMES BURNS 1,531 views

7 Things You Want To Improve Node.js Web Development

What is Node.js in Web Development

To develop and run web applications Node.js is one of the best open-source platforms. Node.js is totally based on Google Chrome’s V8 engine. Google’s V8 engine, also known as the Javascript engine, consists of a core library that helps users to develop real-time applications.

If you want to create a web-based application Node.js is used for the different programming languages. It is capable of building both the frontend and backend of different websites or web-based applications.

Node.js is also called the small os because it is a runtime environment used for running javascript programs. Node.js helps users in improvising the javascript performance for building dynamic websites or web applications.

Advantages of Node.js

Easy to use: Node.js is one of the easiest platforms for developers. When it comes to web development, developers can easily use this platform. Even if you are a beginner in the web development industry you can easily use it with the help of several online tutorials available.

High Performance: It considers one of the most highly used web development platforms because of its speed. To execute your code more efficiently and speedily there are features used named nonblocking node execution in Node.js

Scalable: Node.js is highly scalable. It enables users to use a wide range of resources to develop their websites or web-based applications. As your website or web-based application grows single-threaded platform can also grow automatically

Cross-platform: Node.js is capable of working with multiple platforms. Using Node.js you can create websites and applications both. It is also capable of developing both the frontend and backend of a particular website or application.

Easy maintenance: As we have discussed earlier that Node.js is capable of developing and handling both the frontend and backend of any website. You can manage your website or application more efficiently with the help of Node.js.

Drawbacks of Node.js

Can’t handle Heavy applications: Node.js can easily handle almost all applications of different sizes. When it comes to the larger application files then it can’t handle such applications because it only works on single threads which don’t let it execute or compile larger applications.

Unstable API: the application program interface of Node.js is not stable at all. The reason behind its instability is frequent changes in its API. Because of this issue developers have to make regular changes to the set of code for matching it with the updates.

Reduced library support: The libraries in Node.js are not efficient enough for storing your code or program. Only an experienced node.js development service provider can manage your code with accuracy.

Difficulty in code maintenance: it is difficult to maintain the code in Node.js because of its asynchronous nature. Because of this nature, the code in the Node.js platform becomes much heavier because of the regular system calls.

7 Things to improve your Node.js Web Development

1. Use typescript: Typescript is basically a script that is used for identifying or defining the type of code. This makes the coding process much easier and a time saver. If you made an error in any particular line of code then with the help of typescript you can find the error easily without wasting a lot of time.

2. Monitor Node.js performance: You should monitor the performance of the Node.js application on a regular basis. This will optimize your application automatically and improvise its performance. There are two different types of tests you must do on a regular basis that are:

Load testing: it is a process of evaluating the load on your application. The load is particularly calculated by the number of visits and responses on your website. The test runs in order to check how much load your system or application can handle which can be further optimized.

Scalable testing: Scalability text helps any application for measuring the capacity of the application. You can test the load and identify different forms of errors that are shown in your application. The scalable test is basically performed for checking how many issues your application can handle.

3. Reduce latency: Reducing latency is one of the best methods of enhancing Node.js performance. One can reduce the latency by caching. Caching is of two types that is Client-side and server-side.

4. Use Asynchronous Method: in order to improvise the performance of Node.js in web, development one should use asynchronous methods. Node.js works on the principle of a single threat that supports asynchronous web development. This will be used to improve javascript performance.

5. Use HTTP/2: It is one of the latest web protocol standards. HTTP is used to improvise the functioning of the web browser It is necessary to use for improvise the performance of a browser for executing the javascript code.

6. Don’t use heavy code: You should not use heavy code while developing your website. A heavy set of code leads to issues in the javascript performance. These issues can further cause problems in loading your website or applications. You should optimize code for website development that will solve javascript performance issues.

7. Use Standard styles in Javascript: There are a lot of style sheets available in Javascript. At a particular point in time, it becomes an issue for the developers. You should standard styles which is a dynamic feature of the node.js.


Node.js is one of the dynamic platforms when it comes to web development. We have studied all the aspects of Node.js may they be advantages and disadvantages. Node is a winner when it comes to a comparison among their benefits and drawbacks You can also use node.js even if you are a beginner in web development because it is one of the fast, scalable, and reliable platforms. Using node.js one can develop both the backend and frontend of a particular website or application using a single platform.

James Burns

James Burns is a professional tech writer who writes globally ranking websites & blogs. With 10+ years of experience in a software Development Company in USA, he has all solutions to your IT problems in his tech-business