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plumbing secrets

8 Plumbing Secrets that Non Professional Plumbers won’t Tell

We are going to unveil the plumbing secrets in this article. Read the complete article till the end. Let’s begin!

Professional plumbers – are people who not only want the very best for themselves but also want you to be not in loss and benefit from whatever that comes. A plumber is a tradesperson who has expertise in installing. Moreover, they maintain the systems used for drinking water, sewage, and drainage in plumbing systems. 

Non-professional plumbers – are basically mean plumbers, who may fix the issue but to his advantage, i.e. not fixing the issue properly, leave an issue so that you call him again, and may not guide you properly regarding the issue.

Plumbers of both non-professional work and professional work can be found nearly anywhere. Both of these types will happen to claim they will fix anything related to drainage and water systems. Most of the time they do fix all the issues but there are a few things that only professional plumbers will tell you while a non-professional one will not as he wants you to keep hiring him for little issues. These issues are nothing for them to solve but they cause a big issue.

The plumbers who are professional are costly – learn the reasons why plumbers are so expensive.

Plumbing Secrets:

Following are some of the plumbing secrets you won’t be told otherwise.

  • Outside taps and faucets must be completely turned off in winters:

In winters you might get many frozen pipes and faucets that don’t pay any functionality throughout the cold months. But this can cause any issues for you. As if in any case you need a pipe in winters for outside usage, you basically would have to get a new one or spend hours in getting the ice melted or to contact a plumber. To save yourself from this quandary you must make sure that you disconnect your hoses and faucets that are outside in the fall. The waters must be shut from inside and the hoses should be drained. Keep them stored until the arrival of spring.

  • Toilet handles are not hard to replace:

A loose toilet handle can be as irritating as it goes. But they are easily replaceable. Non-professional plumbers won’t tell you this as it will make them earn $100 for the job. While if you do it by yourself you can get a flap valve that needs replacement from a hardware store at only a $4 bill and install it all on your own. 

  • Plumbers need a license to work:

Plumbers won’t tell you straight up that they don’t have a license to work as a plumber. These plumbers will try being hired for what they know without a question. But you must remember that licensed plumbers have knowledge of local building codes, regulations, and have completed the required number of hours in the job. They are insured as well. You don’t want to hire a  person who has none of these. Hence hiring a non-licensed plumber is at your own risk. 

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  • Plumbers will not clean up drains for you:

It’s the plumber’s job to fix the drainage and other water system issues but they are not entitled to fix the broken wall or other mess they create in doing so. It is up to you to completely inquire how much mess they are going to create so that you can plan about what you will be refixing in the way of getting your drains working fine. Professional plumbers will not only keep the mess as little as possible but will also tell you in advance about how much wall they are going to break. 

  • The work might not be too long, it’s just they aren’t well equipped with the tools required:

You might hear a plumber saying ‘this will take a week’ for doing something that doesn’t seem to be a lengthy task. It is most probable that they don’t have the required parts needed to replace them in your drainage systems. If you happen to be in as much of a situation then instead of wasting time try having another plumber who can get the job done in less time and has all the required parts and tools to get the job done.

  • You can choose between parts:

Plumbers who are not professionals will not take the time to tell you that you can choose different materials of parts for the same purpose. You can save money by investing in a PVC pipe and not get a copper one. Both these would do the same job but will cost you less money if you decide actively.

  • A running toilet can be fixed cheap:

The toilet when it doesn’t stop running can be a big issue of water wastage and you might yell for help at once. And the plumber you are contacting might not also tell you that it is a quick fix. Professional plumbers will make sure you get the job done in the minimum amount of money. Hence, will let you know that this is a quick fix done under $5. Those who know how to DIY can get this issue solved in no time. A quick fix may include spraying some lubricant at the point where the handle meets porcelain that would fix a sticking handle.

  • Get better fixtures now to get none in the future:

Not all plumbers are going to inform you of such a thing. They don’t want you to not hire them again soon. Better fixtures that are of good quality will help you not get any plumbing issues shortly. Non-professional plumbers will suggest you get a rubber washing machine hose that is more probable to burst. On other hand, a stainless steel one won’t. This is what you must keep an eye on so that plumbers don’t fool you. Do not get trapped into getting new repairs and fixtures each month.

These were some of the plumbing secrets that plumbers don’t want you to get to know. But professional plumbers will want the very best for you as this is their ethic of work. You can find many professional plumbers on online business listing sites like  HighFive Listings, HomeAdvisor, etc. to get your plumbing issues solved.


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