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Why is Number 8 feared as per Numerology?

The ancient discipline of Numerology, which gives numbers mystical meaning, has long piqued people’s interest. Among the various numbers, number 8 stands out, not for its positive connotations but for the inexplicable fear it instills in many. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Numerology, exploring the reasons behind the fear of number 8 and its impact upon individuals.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is a system that assigns meaning to numbers and has roots in ancient civilizations. It implies that certain vibrations and energies associated with numbers have an impact on human existence and events. Cultures worldwide have integrated Numerology into their belief systems, using it to interpret and predict various aspects of existence.

The Power of Number 8

Contrary to its feared reputation, number 8 is often considered powerful and auspicious in many cultures. For example, the pronunciation of the number eight in Chinese culture sounds like the word for “wealth” or “prosper.” This positive association has made 8 a sought-after number in various aspects of life in Chinese society, including business and personal endeavors.

Cultural Perspectives on Number 8

Different cultures hold diverse views on number 8. While it is a symbol of good fortune in Chinese traditions, the fear associated with this number is prevalent in certain Western societies. Understanding these cultural perspectives is crucial to unraveling the complexities surrounding the fear of number 8.

The Dark Side: Why is Number 8 Feared?

Despite its positive attributes, the number 8 is feared in specific contexts. Historical events and occult texts have contributed to the creation of this fear, making it a subject of intrigue and caution. Exploring these historical and occult roots will shed light on the dark side of Numerology.

Numerology and Personal Beliefs

Numerology’s impact on personal beliefs is profound. Individuals often incorporate numerological considerations into their decision-making processes, including avoiding or favoring certain numbers. The fear of number 8, rooted in occult texts and historical events, can significantly influence personal beliefs.

The Impact on Decision-Making

From choosing a residence to making business decisions, the fear of number 8 can play a substantial role. Historical events, such as the association of number 8 with many tragedies such as airplane crashes, and terrorist attacks, have led to cautious decision-making, impacting both individuals and businesses.

Addressing the Fear

The fear of the number 8 needs to be addressed with the principles of Numerology and the guidance that the time-tested occult science offers. Making informed decisions based on the wisdom of Numerology can empower individuals to make decisions without unnecessary fear or hesitation.

The Influence on Naming and Numbers

The fear of number 8 has tangible consequences, especially in naming and numbering. Businesses and individuals may go to great lengths to avoid number 8, leading to interesting instances of renaming or renumbering. Examining these cases offers a glimpse into the practical implications of numerological fears.

Expert Opinions on Numerology

Numerology experts offer diverse perspectives on the fear of the number 8. Their insights provide valuable context and challenge common beliefs, encouraging a nuanced understanding of Numerology and its impact on individuals and societies.

How to Get Rid of Your Fear of 8

If you have a fear of the number 8, it is important to understand that the number itself is not evil. It is simply a symbol of the quality of life. Both positive and negative forces exist in the world, and the number 8 represents both of these forces. Number 8, without any doubt, provides extreme results on both sides of the spectrum.

Remember, you need to keep the number that is favorable to you by your side in multiple ways by various conscious associations in the form of the vehicle number, phone number, etc.


In summary, the anxiety associated with number 8 in Numerology is a multifaceted phenomenon that has its roots in historical occurrences, and cultural beliefs. While some view 8 as a symbol of prosperity, others approach it with caution and fear.

FAQs About Number 8 in Numerology

Q: Is the fear of number 8 universal?

A: Based on the principles of Numerology and past track record of major event occurrences, most people across civilizations are wary of the number 8.

Q: Are there positive aspects to the number 8 in Numerology?

A: Yes, Chinese culture associates number 8 with prosperity and good fortune.

Q: How does the fear of number 8 impact business decisions?

A: Businesses may avoid number 8 in naming or numbering due to perceived negative connotations.

Q: Can Numerology experts provide insights into the fear of number 8?

A: Yes, Numerology experts offer diverse perspectives on the fear of specific numbers, including 8.

Q: Are there practical consequences to the fear of number 8?

A: Yes, individuals and businesses may go to great lengths to avoid number 8, leading to interesting cases of renaming or renumbering.

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