Visit a small house, it’s mostly painted white! Even the large villas flaunt this shade with pride. What’s more? Go to a famous historical site, you’ll find it painted in white (mostly)! And, from hospitals to schools and even many offices embrace white as their chief colour! So, what’s this mystery behind the white décor reigning all around the world? Well, I bet you wondered too! Come, let’s find out the reason for this white obsession!

Dominant Reasons Why You Find White in Most  Homes!

Don’t get us wrong here! We don’t hate whites. In fact, white is the most charming, attractive, and subtle colour you’ll find in your shade palette! And especially in home-décor, white looks enchanting if painted perfectly by expert interior painters. In Auckland, FQS Interior is one such painting company that ensures a smooth and spotless finish of whites on your home’s walls! And if you are curious like us to know just why white holds such a special place in everyone’s heart, read about the top reasons:

  • It’s been in history — One of the most common and impactful reasons why there is so much obsession with whites around the world is because it was gladly and commonly used by our ancestors for a long time. The reason for this back then was that no other colour was invented to experiment with. And later when the shades got evolving, some still stuck to the same because they saw their ancestors embracing white always! Got the logic? Well, some of us still think the primitive way when it comes to interior décor
  • It’s bright and classy — Not an iota of doubt about the classic elegance of white. We presume it to be the sole reason our forefathers loved whites so much. White makes the rooms look classy, bigger, and even brighter. You just can’t beat its beauty when it’s combined with the right furniture and other elements of décor – white is the perfect backdrop always – without fail.
  • It’s peaceful and soothing — Believe it or not, more than average white obsessed individuals actually find solace to have it around them. As the colour is comforting to the eyes, it makes you feel relaxed and at ease in your home. Isn’t serenity what we all look for in our home?!
  • It is light on pockets — Sometimes white tends to become a choice without an option! Another most common reason you’ll find white in most small homes is that it’s not so expensive. Some even use the white putty as paint in order to make their home look welcoming and pleasant. White bridges the gap between budget and beauteousness – win-win for the homeowner!

We are speechless and we believe so are you! The love and obsession for whites seem to have more logic and reasons behind it than we thought. No wonder people always embrace it in some way or another in their homes. 

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Joe Maillet
Joe Maillet
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