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You don’t have to travel far and wide for exciting things to do in Saint Louis, Missouri. Extraordinary circumstances might have caused a delay in your connecting flight and flight delay compensation might be available to you if you’ve experienced a lengthy delay at departure. Nonetheless, with a few hours to kill, get creative and discover what this amazing Midwestern city can offer you while you wait for your next flight.

What’s the best time to visit St. Louis

If you are planning a trip to St. Louis during the best times, it is important to choose seasons that will make your travel fun and exciting. There are a lot of indoor and outdoor activities that can be done in this town, visiting on months where the temperature is favorable for both is the best choice.

To avoid an incredibly hot summer temperature which has the potential of derailing outdoor activities, you can consider traveling in the months of April and May. September and October are also great months to consider visiting St. Louis because the heat is not too much.

At the same time, these months offer the best temperature because it is not too cold but instead, all climate conditions are just right. By avoiding incredibly high temperatures, you are also preventing your one-day itinerary from being spoiled by heavy rainfall. That gives you the best possible time to enjoy, rest, and recuperate yourself.

Few facts about St. Louis

St. Louis is a place with great history and rich heritage with all great historic events etched in history. It is also home to some of the best celebrities such as Maya Angelou, Jack Dorsey, and Rusty Wallace. Interestingly, St. Louis has also been titled the first place where kindergarten was founded in the U.S. Americans nationwide are also quite familiar with the San Diego Zoo as well as the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

The latter has been ranked amongst the top three botanical gardens in the world. There are other historical events that make St. Louis an interesting place to visit, such as being the first U.S city to host the Olympics.

A travel writer says that some of the interesting facts that are popular about Missouri is its love for toasted ravioli, provel cheese as well as gooey butter cake. With all these interesting facts in mind, you are probably making out what your itinerary should look like when visiting St. Louis.

One Day in St. Louis, Missouri:

If you are still uncertain about where to go in St. Louis or in need of recommendations, you’re in for a treat! Here are the top placed to visit and things to do on your one day trip to Missouri:

Top things to do in St. Louis, Missouri

One of the most popular places to visit when you are in St. Louis, Missouri, is visiting the Gateway Arch. It is a place you should try by all means not to miss when visiting this beautiful city and you can even get a bird’s eye view from this arch. The structure of the Gateway Arch is an architectural marvel.

It was built of stainless steel and intended to commemorate President Jefferson’s Louisiana Purchase. The pictures you can take early in the morning as the sun rises or even when it sets can be a memorable token to appreciate forever and always. Another great place to visit is the St. Louis Botanical Gardens.

John, a travel blogger and academic writer at assignment writing has some more facts to share with us. He tells us that the botanical garden is surrounded by a geodesic-dome greenhouse called Climatron. If you love flowers, this is the best place to be and it also has the largest traditional Japanese garden in North America. A family trip would be incomplete without a thrill ride at Six Flags. The place also has some amazing events such as concerts and even a water park.

Where to stay in St. Louis, Missouri?

There are a lot of beautiful and amazing hotels to stay at in St. Louis, Missouri and they’re quite affordable. The prices of great hotels in this city start from $51 going up, that depends on how luxurious you are willing to travel. Some of these hotels are vintage style dating back a couple of decades and even centuries ago.

A great example of a historic hotel you can find in St. Louis, Missouri, is the Union Station Hotel. Although the Union Station Hotel is vintage, the interior design of all the rooms is a marvel and very beautiful. It has been awarded an AAA Four Diamond experience which pretty much sums up the experience to expect from this hotel.

The hotel is located in the downtown part of the city, offering some peace and tranquility. There are a lot more hotels to choose from and some are closer to the airport while others are farther out. If you’re looking for affordable options near the airport, you can choose Quality Inn or Econo Lodge Inn & Suites.

Day trips from St. Louis

There are many different day trips you can take from St. Louis including the Springfield, Illinois trip. You can go on a 90-minute drive to the state capital of Illinois. Some of the adventures that await on this day trip include sightseeing at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library.

There are some amazing events that take place from this venue, including some exhibitions as well as immersion in the history of Lincoln’s era. You can also visit the Old State Capitol building located in Springfield, Illinois. If you are a reader and love Mark Twain’s work, visiting his boyhood home can also be an amazing experience. Mark Twain grew up in Hannibal and you can tour around this beautiful town full of old-school vibes.

Not so far away, you can also go sightseeing at the Mississippi river, which is a refreshing experience. Wine lovers should definitely take a day trip to Hermann. The town has an interesting German heritage but has made its fame as the state’s wine country. Hermann is located right along the Missouri river, which can be prime for a daytime picnic.

Extra tips for visiting St. Louis

With all that traveling and sightseeing, you might want to stop and grab some lunch and there are many exciting restaurants with different culture’s tastes. You can get some American steakhouses, European cuisines, Italian restaurants and many different tastes. There are also a lot of fast-food chains if you would not like to immerse yourself in different cultures.

You will not feel out of place in Missouri because of all the different restaurants that can be visited to get different tastes. The best restaurants to visit here include Italian and American steakhouses as well as Mexican food eateries. Late at night, you can enjoy an ice-cold craft beer from one of the local brewers.

Be sure not to miss out on the music lifestyle that happens at the National Blues Museum. You can even sample your own tune at this place so music lovers should not miss it. The most important tip is not being reserved when in St. Louis, Missouri. Be daring and even enjoy the nightlife responsibly when you can!


St. Louis, Missouri, is one of the best places to visit and has some beautiful places to visit. There is a lot you can fit in your one-day itinerary and to enjoy all the fun, try arriving the night before and anchoring down at a hotel. Wake up early the next morning and go enjoy yourself like never before.

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