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online gaming

7 Reasons Why Online Gaming Has Become Massively Popular

Although gaming first started as a science experiment, its community has now evolved into a global billion dollar industry

It is a part of the human nature to relax after a hectic day, and online games check that box off pretty easily. Boys and girls of all ages, including adult men and women, spend most of their free time engrossed in the world of online gaming here. Gaming is more than just entertainment and a means of beating boredom; for some people, it is their lifestyle and a part of who they are. The brightest side of it however is that video games train the brain and muscles to perform better in real-life activities.

The number of avid gaming fans is increasing day by day and there are many reasons for it.

1. Accessibility

Back in the days, people had to free up some time and travel to engage in some form of entertainment or games, which included theatre, circuses or carnivals. When casinos came into the picture, they made gaming and entertainment a little more available and frequent. They saved you from that constant struggle of getting some spare time in order to get one night of fun. In the same way, online games have revolutionized the way we look at entertainment and how we have fun by making them available irrespective of time and location.

As long as you have a device with you that you can either plug in or charge and take with you, you’re good. Game developers and high internet speeds have further improved not only the quality of games played but also the overall user experience that they bring along.

2. Affordability

Buying a console and the games that come with it can be very tricky and can constantly make you feel that you are missing out — not to mention the hype and validity of the games, which is very limited as newer versions keep coming in.

Online games, on the other hand, are half the price compared to the ones that you buy from the stores. Though newer game versions keep releasing, all you need to do is either download the updated version for free or pay some minimal fee that is nothing as compared to what a store-bought game costs.

Many online sites offer games of different genres to players for free. Some even offer them chances to play and win cash prizes. Though the prizes may vary from game to game, this drives the player to become better and hone their skills. In this race of winning the game, players become completely addicted, thus expanding the circle of friends they wish to play with.

Many gaming routers and monitors are now available to provide the best HD graphics. This budget-friendly option helps teenager without jobs to enjoy this experience as well.

3. Competition and Adrenaline Rush

The real fun with online gaming begins when there is a face-to-face competition. Most gaming bars allow players to be seated in close vicinity for a face-off challenges, providing high-speed internet and high definition graphics. The adrenaline rush is similar to when you are taking part in physical sports, especially if there is a huge cash prize to win. Every year gaming tournaments take place where players compete and the winners take home thousands of dollars. All that hard work really pays off, doesn’t it? So don’t hesitate to go to a gaming bar to satisfy your gaming urges.

4. Exercise for Brain

A few decades ago, the only playtime children got was on the playing field or at the amusement parks. The technological innovations and the inventions paved the way for a new means of interaction not only for the kids but also for the adults.

Online Gaming

Many people think that online gaming is unhealthy and has ruined peoples’ lifestyle. They believe that gaming has made people antisocial and is detrimental to health. Well, contrary to this popular belief, online gaming is anything but antisocial. Moreover, several studies prove that playing games actually has health benefits: it is good both for your mind and your body. Video games improve your cognitive skills and memory, increase your problem-solving capabilities and teach you time management. They stimulate neurogenesis (growth of new neurons) and connectivity in the brain regions responsible for strategic planning.

Back in the days you only had one room and required a physical partner to play a multiplayer game, now you can hook up audio and a visual aid and be connected to a number of people while you play. You can chat, discuss strategies and build a team to defeat the opponent. It is also a great platform to meet people with similar tastes.

5. A Wide Selection to Choose From

Players hate the lack of choice. No matter how addictive or fun a game gets, after some time the players feel like moving onto the next one and broadening their skills. Online gaming provides a variety of games whether they are action games, puzzle games, war games or casino games. There are different levels of expertise and categories to choose from so everybody gets to have fun.

If players get tired of one game, they can either look for another game in the same category or try a completely new one.

6. The Charm of a Virtual World

Game developers now take reality and fiction to make a concoction of something truly magical. They build a whole different world with diverse characters. They give them personalities and backstories to make them seem more real. The aesthetics of the game world completely immerse the players in this virtual zone, making it super addictive.

It helps players live a second life and gives them a chance to really become who they are struggling to be in real life. They accomplish missions, make new friendships, and get attached to characters as they progress.

7. Playability

The charm of every online game is its playability and the different levels of difficulty that it offers. The games are always designed in such a way so as to make them an easy pick for beginners. Once they’ve gotten used to it, they can increase the difficulty level as they go and keep testing their skill level.

The online gaming industry is growing rapidly, and new technology and innovations have a lot in store for players in terms of improving the gaming experience.

Christine Rudolph

Christine Rudolph is a passionate Heath & LifeStyle blogger. She is an enthusiastic writer, inclined towards ever-changing trends. For more updates follow her on Twitter @RudolphBlogger.