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Grocery app
By THENINEHERTZ 2,052 views

Online Grocery App Market 2021 to Perceive Biggest Trend and Opportunity by 2028

The online grocery business has shown tremendous growth in previous years and is growing day by day. With 36% of growth in a year, online grocery apps provide customers with fresh groceries and packaged goods. This unexpected growth in the grocery app market has surpassed the expectations and projections of all the entrepreneurs of the grocery store.

Online shopping of groceries has become so much known in the market that it has become habitual for the customers. However, eliminating hurdles faced by eCommerce in gaining the trust of the consumers. This E-commerce industry has picked up speed.  A large number of profits will go to competitors who are fast in growing their business. Consumers can easily choose their delivery location or timely delivery as per their convenience,  which works as a cherry on the cake. Today many Grocery app development company also understand the business model since it’s mandatory before getting started with it.

In 2020 where all the sectors got over-blown, online grocery step-up. While grocery businesses have got good growth and unexpectedly get hike after this pandemic. All the U.S based grocery marketplace like Kroger, Instacart, etc offers home delivery of the grocery items. However, Amazon is the leader in the global market in eCommerce.

As per the survey, only 14% of Americans are buying groceries online which is to be increased around 70% globally. The grocery store market analysis states that around 20 million new customers will acquire online grocery stores. However, the Amazon marketplace is the one where people can order their items online. After that, customers then go to a physical store and take in their product instead of standing in a queue.

Below listed are some of the top trends which shape the online grocery store trend by 2028:-

Good grinding leads to consistency in the eCommerce business. However, when the customer’s expectation doesn’t match the online business it’s difficult to prefer an online platform. Hence making it difficult for the customers to choose online shopping.  It’s like customers are floating from digital shopping to physical shopping and vice-versa. To achieve a seamless brand name in the market retailers need to maintain consistency in online shopping platforms.

Retailers need to collect together customer details, their shopping history, and more data of the customer to personalize the customer experience. Online business experts have suggested that retailers need to improve their policies and make online ordering more reliable. Moreover, grocers are funding in making labors management technology.

  • Maintaining profit in Food Deals

Due to the covid-19 pandemic restaurants and hotels have faced a lot of deprivation in terms of money. So to overcome this loss business experts have come to the solution that they need to start selling meals like breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Most people started home cooking in the covid-19 pandemic times which leads to some loss to the restaurant owners. So to make online shopping of groceries and meal preparation easy experts are looking for convenient technology.

One of the online grocer apps Kroger has initiated AI-based tools that suggest recipes from tweeted photos of food items. Many other online stores or market shops are looking for restaurants, select options, fresh snack options. Grocers are also offering packages for breakfast, lunch and also providing customers with contact-free salad robots and smoothie-making machines.

  • Kroger building Automation Technology

Online grocery app Kroger is giving the toughest competition to the competitors in the eCommerce field. Most famous eCommerce grocery brands Krogers and Ocado planning to build robot-run facilities. It helps in handling the accelerated orders in 2021. Therefore, giving the nation’s massive supermarket operator a boost in the e-commerce business.

These factories will not only watch closely those centers which fulfill the customer needs but also how they can deal with the same-day delivery and pickup orders. Kroger and Ocado have come up together to spend a lot on this project in 2021. However, we will start to see the impact of automation on this business.

  • Loyalty Programs

Grocers are focusing on gaining the loyalty of the customers. Also, they are getting loyalty from the customers so they want to bring a more advanced scheme to attract more customers. In 2020, Amazon grocery stores will reach the topmost position around the country by discovering their premium loyalty program.

To support customer loyalty e-commerce has come up with the idea of providing paid membership to the customers. Hye-Vee plus provides a lot of services to the customers who have brought their paid membership. Services like free delivery,  everyday fuel-saving, exclusive member’s monthly offers, pickup, and many more supplies given to the customers. Grocers can also give free delivery for first-order, tie-in discounts with different brands, hold some events, and many more attractive techniques for customers.

  • Individualize Healthcare

In the year 2020, many people have come across more awareness about their health. Coronavirus pandemic leads to the advancement in personalized health technologies. Grocers have set up personalized wellness programs for the customers which merge with their meal shopping with individual health. E-commerce grocers are offering dietician counseling, product recommendations by providing them with a good diet plan, helping shoppers to easily negotiate from the stores.

It also focuses on the protective medicines and the part food plays in that. However, they plan to connect the selection of groceries with their healthcare. Besides, providing them guidance on health including the groceries and health services to the customer. With the records of health digitally it will allow the staff to know about the dietary preference and allergies of the customer.

  • Amazon Amazing Services

Amazon expects to get good growth in expanding its business as it improves its stores. However, it has come up with new formats and welcomed the new technology for the convenience of the customers. Amazon is attracting millions of new customers in their online grocery industry to all the food marketplace. More stores on Amazon are going to open in 2021. Also, it will mingle up its grocery app store with a healthcare center.

More healthcare facilities combined with physical retail will help in growing their business against competitors like Walmart. However, this online business will tend to increase in the upcoming years as it has shown tremendous growth in previous years. Therefore, from the year 2020 to 2021 it has shown mind-boggling growth. This results in this business will tend to rise in the upcoming years.

Conclusion Thoughts:-

Now the majority of customers mix online and offline shopping. Therefore, to give the customer the best experience the online industry will come up with the ‘phy-gital’ shopping phenomenon. Here customers can order online.  And after ordering can go physically to the store and pick up the item. However, Saving the time to wait in the long queue. Allowing returns to the customer regarding the fact of what is their location. So, online grocery business industries need to develop more convenient and reliable technology. Where they can get the advantage of buying products online. However, the loyalty of the customer leads to the persistence of the customer with the e-commerce grocery app.


My name is Hemendra Singh. I am Managing Director and co-founder of The NineHertz, a Mobile App Development Company. I am having a keen interest in the latest trends and technologies that are emerging in different domains.